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Lots of squealing on Matt's team as Laurel finally takes a snap only to promptly throw the ball into the ground. Tyra stalks toward her, demanding, "What was that? You throw like a damn girl!" Another snap, another fumble on Laurel's part, and this time Tyra marches toward the girl threateningly until Matt gets between them, stuttering about being teammates. In the background, Tim shouts after his ladies, "I see a 'W' in my eyes!" and then Laurel pretty much just falls over, giggling and squealing like a dumb, girly pig. Tyra spreads her arms out and says "Matt, this isn't working for me." Matt finally acknowledges that he's got a waste of space as quarterback, and then we cut to Julie Taylor, sitting on the ground in the cutest "disaffected" outfit ever created. And which, obviously, involves a pair of Chucks. Matt walks over to her and sits on his knees. He begs her to play quarterback, but she just screws up her pissed-off little nose and asks "Hmmm, let's see, I was third pick? Am I even qualified to talk to QB1?" Matt begs some more, "C'mon, you're the only who knows how to play." Julie: "I do know how to play but..." Nope. Tyra, beyond the bickering twosome, has got nothing but fire in her belly for a win and calls towards them: "Um, 'scuse me? Lovebirds? Let's go!" I. Love. Tyra. Julie spits a "You're pathetic" at Matt and then gets up and walks toward Tyra. Team! Yes! I love it when a plan comes together!

In the background, please note that we hear Tim Riggins screaming to the point of scary hoarseness "THIS IS NOW ABOUT STAMINA," and if there were some way I could make that my cell phone ringtone, my alarm clock setting, and/or what my husband has to say every time I poke him in the belly, well...I'd do it in a second.

Cut to boys' football practice. Coach provides the rationale for a strange drill the boys are running involving carrying one another on their backs. Some blahblahblah about how you have to carry one another's weight on the field. The Selfish White Guy from the diner is hoisted on the back of one of the Incensed Black Guys from the diner. White Guy ribs Black Guy who ribs White Guy back. Mac, of course, has to get in the middle of it, blowing his whistle and shouting at the kids to get going. Black Guy says, under his breath, "Yessuh, massuh" and Mac freaks out, screaming "What did you say? What did you say?" The kid scrambles and pretends he only said he loved the drill, and Mac follows him down the field, screaming and yelling. Coach stands off to the side, occupied with being useless.

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Friday Night Lights




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