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Tami walks into her husband's office, and yowza does she look hot. I can take the cleavage, or I can take the pencil skirts, but the cleavage and the pencil skirts? I'm in a Victorian Lady Companion swoon over here. Tami tells Coach that she just broke up a fight in the hallway and that the fight was a lot of kids, "it was black against white, it was racial." Coach tries to apologize for Mac; Tami isn't upset with her husband, but she thinks something needs to happen to address Mac's comments. She says she wants to hold a forum where the kids can just air some of this out. Coach looks at her blankly, "A forum?" She plows ahead, asking him to tell his football players about it, and he responds curtly, "Sure." She leaves and tells him she appreciates his support. Heh.

Coach peers out his office door into the locker room where the players are filing past Mac silently, and a number of pointed looks are being exchanged. Coach is going to need to do more than peer at this issue if he wants it to get resolved.

Jason and Herc are in Herc's pick-up truck in the middle of a parking lot. Herc is teaching Jason how to drive the truck using his hands. He crawls along, negotiating a garbage can obstacle course. As he drives, Herc asks how being back at school is. Jason says it's just okay and then asks if people "were just weird to you" when he got out of the hospital. Herc laughs and confirms Jason's suspicions, saying that when he got out "I felt like I was a hundred years old, like I had some secret knowledge about the world." Jason says he just wants things to be normal again, and Herc reminds him that high school is NOT normal. The scene wraps up with a little set piece of Jason putting the truck in reverse and running into one of the garbage cans as Herc yells at him to brake.

Alamo Freeze. Smash and Matt are working. Matt gets ready to leave and then stutters his way toward a conversation, telling Smash that he doesn't think what Mac said was right. Smash deadpans, "So you think I should quarterback?" and Matt, bless his heart, stutters and haws, basically saying "Sure! That's what I think!" before Smash breaks into a smile and tells him that's not what he wants. Smash tells Matt that he "ain't sweating it, and neither should you." This is sweet. Because one of the things Mac did was possibly plant seeds of resentment of Matt on Smash's part, but Smash is smart enough to know that Matt is not the one to go after here.

Taylor house. Tami is in the kitchen, Coach is standing up with the clicker in his hand. I love that he's doing that. The time I spend standing in front of the TV, all "I'm not actually watching unless I'm sitting" would rival the amount of time Tim spends putting blush on in the mornings all "I'm not putting blush on, I'm just hiding the pallor of my alcohol abuse." Julie comes in morosely. Coach gives her a falsely bright greeting and then fake whines back at his whiney daughter. He tells her to sit down, and she sighs and does a dramatic full-body eye roll. Coach tells her "Don't, don't roll your eyes," and then tells her that she is going to get punished more once he and Tami figure out what that punishment is going to be.

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Friday Night Lights




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