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Julie pretty much blows enough air out of her lungs to fill the Astrodome and then peels herself off the couch while telling her father that she'll be in her bedroom once they figure it out. She tries to walk by her father, but he insists, "Don't be flippant with me. Don't be flippant with me," and then demands that his little delayed teenager look him in the eyes. Though it takes a Herculean effort, she does so, and Coach pleads with her: "Please don't do this. Don't break our trust, don't take our trust from us." Pause. "Please." Father of the year! He has broken her spirit like she's a rebellious Appaloosa. She sort of mucklemouths, "Sorrytodaybeenjustareallycrappyday," and you can see Tami softening from Angry Mama to Poor Baby!Mama. As she disappears down the hallway to her room, Julie mutters about Matt yelling at her all day "about stupid quarterback stuff." Kyle Chandler literally does a "zoinks!" doubletake. Blink! Blink! "Matt Saracen's got you at quarterback?" then tosses the clicker down and runs down the hallway saying "Wait, hunny!" Tami just smiles to herself, and I'm looking about my lonely house wondering where my own family is. This show is going to engender it's own miniature baby boom come a year from now.

Tim walks into the Alamo Freeze where the African-American sonic forcefield is in full effect. Smash says "What up, Dutch Boy?" which is an utterance of considerable beautiful hilariousness and then asks "You get a new hat?" Tim responds with considerably less verbal acumen, "That a new hat?" You need to go to trash talkin' school, Whitey. Tim says he's been thinking and that all the friction is not helping the team with State coming up. Smash agrees, but when Tim suggests that "you talk to your boys and settle 'em down so we can focus on the game," Smash calls bullshit. Smash tells Tim he's got a lot of nerve, since he's the same guy who shows up drunk to workouts, walks off practice, and tosses beer bottles at other people's heads. Smash says that "they ain't even my boys," and then suggests that Tim talk to hisboys, and clarifies in case you didn't get it: "This football done brought us together but on the real? We ain't even cool like that." Nice contrast between how easy it is to be "cool" with another individual (Matt) but so difficult to make it cool between groups.

Tyra walks into the darkened Garrity car dealership looking for her mom. She walks around, calling out for her mom, and every step she takes I'm cringing over what kind of hitched-up-leg Fat Buddy Garrity nastiness we might have to witness. Thankfully, Tyra finds her mom in her office, fully clothed. Well, I guess "fully-clothed" if you count the shirt that just barely keeps the twins in its warm embrace. Tyra's mom apologizes and says she has to stay late to get through some papers. Tyra is at first pleased to see her mom working until Buddy comes humming into the office -- get it? "humming?" -- with take-out for dinner. Tyra's smile fades as she realizes that she does, indeed have her mom's number, which appears to be of the "Dial Down the Middle" sort. Buddy tells Tyra how great her mom is, and her mom says she'll just get a ride from Ole Sis later. Tyra leaves and we see her mom looking after her, knowing that her daughter knows exactly how very much her mom knows. In the biblical sense.

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