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The Great and Noble Men of Dillon Panther Football
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Tami is reading real estate listings and oohing and ahhing over a "turn of the century" with original floors. She winces, "Needs a little work." Coach wonders "turn of what century?" while Tami continues rattling off all the things they need to do before moving -- hiring a broker, putting the house on the market, finding a new job for her. Julie walks in behind her and they clam up, but not before Julie overhears them and launches straight into Teen Red Alert mode -- shrilly declaring that she is not going, she is NOT going, she isn't going. Coach tells her she can't tell anyone, especially not Matt, and she storms off. Tami calls after her that she needs to try on a dress "for the father-daughter dance" and barely thirty seconds in, I'm out of my seat pacing in anticipation of the perfection.

Austin. Quad rugby. Yawn. Jason wheels around real fast, tosses a ball around, slams into various surfaces, et cetera. Horrifying guitar licks in the background indicate that this whole thing is Kool. Tattoo Girl is watching the game from the sidelines, because, well, because I have no idea why someone would go watch quad rugby tryouts. Although I guess I don't have too many athletic friends, so my comparison is, like, going to watch my friend at a job talk or something. One of the coaches tells Jason he's playing well. Jason laps up the praise like he's a Schnauzer on Puppy Bowl.

Cut to an empty gym where a line of coaches sits at a table. Jason wheels in front of them, and though he gets lots of positive feedback, he's told that he didn't make the team and won't be going to Beijing. Hallelujah! I never thought I'd say this -- well I never thought I'd say this without a hangover -- but thank god we're leaving Austin.

Uninspiring credits. Whoops, we haven't left Austin yet. Oh well, I guess another Shiner won't kill me. Jason, Herc, and company are hanging out. Tattoo Girl seems kind of drunk as she tells Jason she's sorry he didn't make the team. Herc rolls over, all set for some "Wooo!"-ing, but Jason is being a downer. Herc calls him "depressing guy" and I feel kind of silly for having spent so many hours typing so many words about Jason the past few episodes when, really, "Depressing Guy" would have done just fine. Herc patronizes Jason a bit, telling him that the coach loves him. Jason gets bitchy and tells Herc that everyone knows Jason was the best athlete on the court, but that he didn't get picked because the other guys make up, basically, a Quad Rugby In-Crowd. Herc comes back at Jason, telling him that he has a "truly spectacular ego." Tattoo Girl reminds us of her presence as she tells Herc to lay off. Herc continues, saying that Jason may have the most raw talent, but he didn't make the team because he isn't comfortable in a chair.

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Friday Night Lights




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