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Crossing The Line

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Tim and Billy troll the aisles of the supermarket. Billy's on the phone having some sort of boring work-related crisis. Tim is on the HOT having some sort of hot-related hotness. Ahem. More specifically, Tim is reeling around grabbing things off of shelves, out of the meat case, et cetera, and throwing them into the shopping cart while Billy -- the father figure, get it? -- keeps trying to get him to stop. Billy finally gets off the phone, with a defeated "yes, sir" to whoever he's talking to, and Tim looks at his brother like he just knifed a baby in the street: "You're kidding me, right?" Apparently Billy has put a bag of frozen peas in the shopping cart, and Tim doesn't eat vegetables. Billy suggests to Tim that he start eating better to try and capitalize on his newfound college-level ball talents. First no beer and now peas? Tim's heart is going to explode with all the healthy blood getting pumped through it.

At the checkout counter, we find out that food costs money. This show and its sociological realism! The total comes to $96.50, and Billy starts giving items back to bring the total down a bit. He shaves about ten bucks off the total. But when Tim mindlessly slaps down a magazine (Glamour? Marie Claire? Can't quite make it out), Billy starts to lose it: "We don't have money for that!" Tyra saunters up and tells the boys to calm down, she'll buy the magazine. Tim and Tyra lock eyes, and before Tim even tells his brother to go ahead without him, you know those two'll be getting down in the rotten lettuce out back before long. Which we of course get the good fortune of seeing, Tyra's bare mini-skirted leg hitched up by Tim's groping hands, her cowboy boot dangling, guitars amped up on the soundtrack. And, if I am not mistaken, they are pressed up against the side of truck, just under the words "Ranch Meat." Tasty.

Over at the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility, Lyla plays a game of Manage Your Guilt by kissing Jason on various places on his chest and neck and asking him if he feels it. Jason interrupts this heartchilling moment to ask her if something happened between her and Tim. She jerks her head back and exclaims "What?! No!!" a bit too quickly before slowing down and reassuring him that she loves him. Jason takes his cue from the soundtrack that now is the time for tender crying not for angry shouting and he pulls Lyla back toward him and apologizes to her for even asking. She gets all smoochy on him again, but as she finally rests her head on his chest we see each of them looking off into their separate distances, obviously still troubled.

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