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Smash punches his time card for the night when he notices the till set out on the desk in the back. He goes over and starts rifling through it when Matt comes into the back. Smash quickly pretends that he was just counting the money -- "It's all there" -- and runs out to the parking lot. Matt follows him and tells Smash that he vouched for him, and that if he took any money, Matt'll lose his job, too. Matt says he thought Smash was his friend. Aw. (Dork). Smash pauses and then blurts that he had a bad game, he had a bad week. Matt's like "so what?" and asks what Smash needs the money for anyway. Smash tells Matt that he thought he needed the money, but now he sees things more clearly he realizes he doesn't. Gaius Charles is playing this straight; he does such a good job switching between Smash the Persona and Smash the Person.

Over at the Taylor household, Julie and Coach play ping pong in the garage. Another perfectly art-directed set. This show is spoiling my eyes. Julie is in a super-cute 3/4 sleeve sweat shirt and non-matching pajama pants. Taylor asks his daughter about her dating situation. She demurs. He says aloud he figures she doesn't think it's any of his business. She demurs again, knocking the ping pong ball up on top of the raised garage door roof, and the sound of that ping pong ball bouncing across the raised door and then falling on the driveway pavement recalls a hundred summer nights for me. Taylor grabs the ball and leans forward on the table: "Alright, listen. I'm supposed to give you some fatherly and wise advice in this time of your life. Listen up. If you're wondering if a boy's thinking about you, he's not. He's thinking about sex or he's hungry." Julie giggles and asks her dad if he's trying to be funny, but Taylor keeps plowing through, going on to tell her boys will lie, they will leave her waiting around for their calls, they will be cruel, and they will be misleading. Julie, meanwhile, has sort of lowered her eyes in knowing disobedience. I wonder if Taylor will ever find out just how often sixteen-year-old girls think about sex. Selective memory: A parent's best friend.

When Julie, her mouth set in an attitude of defensive bemusement, asks her father if they are done with their talk, Coach Taylor looks directly at her and says, "You are beautiful, you are sensitive, and you are sweet, and I just don't want to see you get hurt." Tears! But really, Kyle Chandler, pick one. Be my boyfriend or be my daddy, please stop trying to be both.

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