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Playgirl Ranch. Midday. Billy swigs beer, Tim comes home and dumps his duffel bag on the floor. Billy yells at him to dump it in his own room and so the manly plaid-shirted sniping begins. Billy low-blows Tim about the possibility of not graduating high school, about not having anyone to support him. He suggests to Tim that maybe Tyra can support him. Because, of course, a female breadwinner would certainly be unacceptable. Tim low-blows back at Billy about how his brother is trying to get "second helpings from [his] girl." Billy moves on to reminding Tim that he's "banging his cripple best friend's girl," and Tim doesn't really have a comeback with nearly as much heft. "How's that real estate license coming?" just doesn't have the same soap operatic quality. Billy tells his brother all he sees in Tim's future is "another forty pounds and delinquent child support. Remind you of anyone?" Tim wants to know what Billy's problem with their father is. Billy snaps and gets in his brother's face, asks him when was the last time he heard from either their mom or dad, shouts that he's the one who pays the bills and goes to Tim's games, because nobody else wants him. Tim, towering over his older brother, darts his eyes around in mute distress before tackling his brother. They roll around, break shit, spill popcorn, all while a life-size cut-out of some blonde model in a bikini smiles behind them. It's quite visually weird. Billy gets Tim up against the wall, while Tim spits at him, "You were never a good football player." Billy spits that he knows this, that Tim has so much more talent than he ever had, and that's why he can't take standing by and watching him throw it all away. Tim shoves Billy to the ground -- he takes the TV smashing to the ground with him -- and walks out, "You're not my father. I'd be better off alone."

Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility: Xtreme Zone. Murderball scrimmage. Lots of wheeling around and speeding around and tossing and crashing and "oomphing." Lyla and Tim watch from the bleachers. Hooting and hollering until Jason eats floor after a hard hit. Everyone goes silent, but Jason gets set upright by some nurses and the game resumes. More crashing and wheeling and speeding and tossing and "oomphing." Jason starts playing well, everyone is happy, including me, because this is far easier to recap than all that talking they do throughout the rest of the episode.

Taylor household. One might wonder why Coach Taylor wasn't at the dangerous game he advised his severely hurt mentee to play in. Tami relaxes on the couch in front of the TV, asks her husband if he spoke to Julie. Taylor responds, "Contrary to popular opinion, I am very good at communicating with the womenfolk." Tami doesn't buy it, "Sweetheart, that is ridiculous." Taylor assures her that Julie got his message just as his daughter walks in and announces to them both that she is going to go on a date with Matt Saracen. She walks out of the room, Tami looks at her husband askance while Coach just rubs his head, his hair being speechless for once.

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