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Uninspiring Credits. Weight room. But this time it isn't one filled with fresh-faced boys but one filled with a scary body-building lady. I should be able to handle the body-building ladies given my commitment to radical feminism but...I...just sort of...can't. Anyhow, this show gives me good reason to continue on in my looks-ist ways as this particular body-building lady is...also a VILLAIN! A villain who also won the "Strongest Woman" contest as a shot of a human interest story in local newspaper shows us. She's telling Smash that he was advised incorrectly on his steroid regimen; she talks real quick about various oxy-this methyl-that. Smash follows her out to her car, asking about how this will affect his "love life" and she tells him that he needs to get his priorities straight. Hmm. When she then tells him it'll be three hundred dollars, he gulps, "A month?" "Try a week" she retorts, and then inexplicably tells him he can get her the money later: "Yer good fer it."

Cut over to Smash trying to milk $1200 out of his poor mama. He lies that it's for an SAT prep course. She has another suggestion: "Quit chasing around those fast-tail girls and get your ass upstairs and read. How's that for your SAT prep course?" Smash keeps at it, giving a rich pitch about all the extra preparation he would get by taking one of these courses. I used to teach those courses. And, as far as I could tell, the only results they got are ulcers for the kids who were already on their way to getting ulcers. Smash keeps pleading with his mother, and it's heartbreaking because you can see her getting convinced. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be charming.

Out on the field, Taylor presides over practice in his man shorts and mouth full of gum. You know how Brad Pitt's performance in Ocean's Eleven is all about the way he endearingly snacks on snack foods, popping beer nuts into his mouth with bemusement, sipping tea with confusion, licking an ice cream cone to connote a certain silliness beneath his Sexiest Man Alive exterior? I think Kyle Chandler must have noticed this as well. Billy Riggins has come to the field in his Jeans Suit (jean jacket and jeans) to nervously ask Coach if there's anything he should be doing to take advantage of Tim's suddenly awesome football playing. Is this really how it works? One decent game when you're a senior and you can start dreaming about South Bend? In any case, Billy is quite sweet in his nervousness and secret commitment to making sure his brother has a future.

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