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I notice as the credits roll across the screen that this episode was written by Bridget Carpenter, who also wrote for the brief-lived Luscious Man Hair fest that was Head Cases. Now I get why Billy is written to be so mad at Tim for not taking better care of his tresses! Anyone who's written for Chris O'Donnell's hair before must certainly be in a rage over how Taylor Kitsch manages his locks.

We cut over to Tami's office where she is counseling a young girl who is positively radiating crisis. Tami doesn't quite see it yet though as she natters on about getting the girl registered for the next PSAT. When she finally asks the girl if she is okay, it all comes spilling out: "My Panther wants me to do a threeway." Connie Britton does a great cartoonish, gulping "Oh!" and gets up to close the door. Random Sexually-Threatened Girl continues, telling Tami that a lot of Rally girls do it, and that she really likes the boy, who has apparently told her that if she does it with him, she'll be his girlfriend. Cut from the scene holding on Tami's brightly lit, totally confused face.

Cut over to the Alamo Freeze (unfortunately, our local greasy spoon comes woefully lacking in Joe E. Tata). What's-His-Face, er, Landry is perched on the counter lecturing Matt -- again -- on the ways that he is dropping the ball in the girl court. He tells Matt that he needs to approach girls like a geometry problem, "You gotta solve for X. Solve for X." Matt corrects him: "Uh, that's actually algebra," and the snark wafts off the screen. Landry counters, "Uh, that's actually not the point," as the camera peers over his shoulder to the Taylors pulling up their car outside.

We transition into the car where Tami asks her daughter if she'd like her to help; Julie teens back to her, "No thanks. I'd like my social status to stay intact." Landry sounds the alarm inside that Julie is coming in, and there is some adorable muttering about Matt needing to fix his stupid hat. Julie comes in and Aimee Teagarden does that delivery of hers, the sort of over-enunciated, a bit too loud, awkward delivery that just seems very honestly adolescent to me. She orders burgers and fries and shakes for the family, and I would wonder how everyone in that family stays in such good shape while eating hamburgers all the time, except that, after living with the Chaos in Louisiana, skinny people with a penchant for hamburgers just seem like a Southern institution.

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