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Matt and Julie continue making stuffed puppies fly out of my ass. As Julie hands over the money, Matt looks down and asks her if she's thought any more about what he asked her. Julie has the too-bright tone as she chirps back that she has thought about it and that she's considering it. They talk over each other and can't meet one another's eyes and now I'm having a hard time typing because the whole roster of tiny, fluffy animals from Cute Overload! has piled into my lap and is trying to kill me with preciosity.

Just in time, we cut back outside to the Adult Swim portion of the scene, where Tami is telling her husband about the girl who came to see her in her office. She has an accusing tone as she makes the connection between the culture of football and the culture of coerced sex. Coach just rubs his face tiredly. Then: "Girl's a sophomore" Tami says pointedly. Coach looks at her blankly until she gestures toward the Freeze, "Our daughter's a sophomore!" Coach Taylor doesn't take too kindly to this suggestion, telling his wife that their daughter reads Melville, and that she hates football players. I love the idea of Melville as abstinence education. Guess Coach Taylor hasn't read the "Squeezing the Sperm" chapter from Moby-Dick in a while.

Smash and his little sister walk into the Alamo Freeze. Smash jokes around a bit, but then has a brainstorm and asks Matt about his job there and then asks if Matt can get him an application.

Lyla walks up to the Riggins Playgirl Ranch. She was sure to put on her four-inch high espadrilles of emotional crisis. Tim peeks out the window and then saunters outside, taking about ten minutes to put his shirt on and never quite finishing the job. No complaints here. Lyla babywhines to Tim about how Jason "knows," but she doesn't know how he knows. Tim tells her "that's it. We're done. You called it off. As far as I'm concerned, you're J's girl and always have been." But then we see Tim start processing the information in real time; immediately after declaring that all they have to do is "move on," he realizes how useless his own advice is, and pleads "how?" Right then Tyra opens up the door and leans out, greeting Lyla. Lyla covers pretty well, stuttering that she just came over to invite Tim to a scrimmage at the rehab facility. Tyra keeps looking between Tim and Lyla, and even though she's being polite, asking about Jason and thanking Lyla for coming by, you can tell she suspects them, too. And her parting words to Lyla, "Real nice 'a ya' to come by," have a brutal continuity to them; recalling that very first time we saw what a magnificent bitch she can be when she mimics Lyla's goody-two-shoes act.

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