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Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility: XTREME ZONE. Apparently only Xtreme Sportz jocks get paralyzed in Dillon. Also, what are these guys all doing in the rehab facility? They're all totally healthy other than being in wheelchairs. About ten murderball dudes sit around a table shooting the shit, making their irreverant "midget" and "stumpy" jokes when Jason makes them all go quiet by asking Herc if he's informed the rest of the fellas that Jason'll be participating in the scrimmage on Thursday. The camera shows us Gay Phil's editorial eye-rolling as he sits off to the side, presumably making sure no one starts popping ollies off the card table. Phil blurts out that Jason isn't ready for the game. Jason asks him "What's the worse that can happen? Fall out of my wheelchair, break my neck...oh, wait, that already happened." This gets big laughs from the Paralyzed Peanut Gallery.

Phil presents a number of scenarios to remind Jason that he isn't Captain Wheelchair: he could tear his rotator cuff, get a concussion, or, worst of all, could damage his "fusion" -- basically break the little bits of bone that are starting to fuse around his spinal injury, which would result in his losing his ability to use his hands and fingers, an ability he's lucky to have already. Remember what I said about hating to think about spines? Fusion?. Shudder. While Gay Phil is giving his speech, the camera pans around the table to show us that these Mountain Dew guys have grown rather long in the face. They much prefer talking about Dog Town. So when Phil ends his speech, Stumpy and Herc jostle them back up: "C'mon Phil, don't you know we're cripples? Don't kick a guy when he's down! Cap'n Bringdown!" and the boyz follow suit, hooting and teasing until Gay Phil gets up and leaves the room.

Outside school, Tami runs to catch up with Lyla and the two woman walk breastly -- um, I mean, "briskly" -- along the path. Tami just wants to ask Lyla to give a message to her mother when Lyla turns to her and bursts into tears. We cut to the two women sitting underneath the soaring concrete football stadium. Lyla's told Tami about her fling with Riggins. Tami asks her if it is totally over, and Lyla swears it is. And I believe her, because their dalliance was a narrative dead end. Tami asks her if she can offer some advice (excellent counseling move number one) and then continues to tell Lyla that Jason Street has been hurt as bad as he can be right now and that Lyla should not hurt him any more. "Do not tell him, Lyla." Really good advice, I think. It seems Tami sees that Lyla really needs to detach from her host body if she ever wants to have a fulfilling life. As a parasitic worm? I don't know where that metaphor was going.

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