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Taylor household, the Wholesome Threesome are getting dinner on the table. Coach asks Julie what her week looks like and she chirps along about a girlfriend's birthday and cupcakes before "Aaaand Matt Saracen asked me out on a date." Her parents go slackjawed. Coach Taylor manages to stutter out a question about what she said to him. Julie demurs, "I'm considering it."

The Peach Pit, er, Alamo Freeze. Matt is trying to teach Smash how to work, but it isn't really working. Smash looks at himself in the reflection of an aluminum tub while Matt natters on about consistency in the product. An old lady-looking "hottie" comes in, and Smash oozes toward her as she orders a scoop of mocha ice cream. He tells her, "Nah, that's not what you want," and then tells her she wants a chocolate-covered something or other instead. She breaks into a wide smile: "Well, alright, if you say so!" I don't buy it for a second. Being convinced by a smooth talker into having sex is one thing; being convinced to order a different ice cream treat than you were jonesing for is another.

Smash continues Barry White-ing all over this girl, leaning close and telling her in a quiet voice, "It's on me," after instructing Matt to get the lady her treat. She giggles off to wait for her Girls With Low Self Esteem Sundae. Smash goes over to Matt and says "See, that's what you do," to which Matt responds, "No, that's what you do." Smash "Take Back the Night...For Rapists!" Williams declares, "You don't ask them what they want. You tell them what they want." Matt watches Smash go over to talk to Oldy McBoob, and we fade out. Please note, the African American Sonic Forcefield is in full effect due to Smash's presence at Da Freeze.

Tami walks into Julie's room pretending to bring her some clean clothes. Julie's on the bed, and her room is refreshingly not pink, but reds and yellows. Cuteness. Tami asks her how Faulkner is, and Julie responds, "Good." I wish she had said, "a drunk genius obsessed with bloodlines." Tami lies down next to her daughter, and hot damn I hope to be such a sexy mama should the time come. Julie sees right through her mom's "innocent" questions about the possibly-impending date: "You're freaking out." Tami swears she isn't and tells her daughter that she just knows what goes on at that school, and just wants to make sure...Julie interrupts her, "I haven't even said yes yet," and Tami kneejerks, "Good!" before second guessing that parental tactic. "I mean, 'oh,'" and then she looks off into the distance, totally at a loss.

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