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At the Alamo Snooze, Matt counts the till in the back while Smash tells him his football nickname should be "the accountant." Matt is upset that he keeps coming up a dollar ten short. Smash chuckles at his zealous accounting, but then pauses to peer greedily at all the money Matt has in his hands. Cut outside to Smash getting in his car, popping some 'roids in his mouth and then narrowing his slow motion. Love it. So cheesy.

Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility: Xtreme Zone. Jason and Herc race around the hallways, Herc right on Jason's tail. They're heading up a zig-zag of ramps until they reach a pair of doors at the top. Jason, breathing heavily, tells Herc not to feel bad, that he was all-conference last year. Herc segues into discussing whether or not Jason should play on Thursday. He mentions that everybody is against it: him, Phil, the doctor, "even your cute little cheater." Ouch. Jason's jaw tightens and he insists that she didn't cheat. He tries to wheel himself back down the ramp, but Herc maneuvers his own chair in front of him at every turn. Herc lectures, "She is messin' with you, and you are lettin' her!" Jason wonders why Herc wants him to break up with Lyla so badly. Herc, Wheelchair Philosopher, hits the nail on the head, "You think as long as you hold on to that girlfriend you had when you could walk, you can avoid the reality of being one of us." Jason chipmunks at Herc with his curled-in upper lip and then tries to bully past him, but ends up ramming into him and tossing them both out of their wheelchairs onto the ground. They're both out of breath as they lay stomach down on the cold, institutional floor. Jason confesses to Herc that Lyla is all he's got; Herc responds, "Just cuz we're crippled, doesn't mean we have to take the crumbs." Or the secondhand private parts, either, I guess. Since Herc consistently gives such good advice, Jason asks him what the secret is to getting back into their wheelchairs. Herc, dryly: "Call Phil." The two of them chuckle and roll onto their backs, screaming for Phil to come help them back up.

At the Riggins Playgirl Ranch, Billy is having another vague business-related fight on the phone. This time, he ends by telling the guy on the other end of the line to go to hell and hangs up; Tim: "Fired again, huh?" He then suggests his brother try selling weed again. Billy grabs the sandwich out of Tim's hand and throws it onto the plate, reminding him they've got dinner in fifteen minutes. He says he's tired of being the man around the house, and then proves that he's also the woman of the house by instructing his little brother to "comb your hair, wash your hands, put on a clean shirt and for god's sake, run a comb through your hair for once in your life!" Next week on Friday Night Lights: Billy teaches Timmy how to ease the pain of those time-of-the-month cramps.

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