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At the Taylors', Tami is clanging around in the kitchen when Coach comes home. "I hope you remembered the ice cream" she says, and he responds, "That's what you sent me out for. How could I forget it?" He can tell she's wound up about something else and finally gets it out of her that she's worried over Julie and Matt Saracen. She says "We both know how these football players like to use these girls and throw them away." Coach tells her to stop lumping all the football players together like that, but when she turns to him and says she knows she can't do anything about how the boys are, but that it would make her feel good if he would promise to have a talk with their daughter. He agrees, the doorbell rings, and as they both walk toward the door, Tami trilling toward Julie's room "Julie get off the phooone!" he punctuates with a manly "Now!" and then asks his wife, "How was that?" Heh.

Tami opens the door to the Riggins boys. Billy comes in and hands her a hostess gift of a set of jenky knives in a flimsy cardboard and plastic box. Oh for the love of Martha Stewart, boy.

Alamo Snooze. Smash lounges behind the counter while Matt works. A girl walks in and Smash tells Matt that it's his turn. Matt stutters and asks Smash to "do it one more time," but Smash makes him take the girl's order. When she orders a hamburger and root beer, Matt stutters some more, "Naw, I...I don't...think you...really want that." He's the John Wayne Gacy to Smash's Smooth Criminal. She looks at him quizzically and plays right into his hands, "I don't? Then what do you want me to have?" I'm frankly a little confused with how in stride these girls in Dillon take having their fast food orders challenged. Cute Overload Mode as Matt stutters to the girl that he actually doesn't know what he wants her to want. But he thinks fast, just like on the football field, "Well you said you like root beer, and I make a mean rootbeer float!" He feels he's really hit upon a logical solution to his serious flirtation problem and starts beaming at her, as she coos and hmmms in the background. Through a huge, toothy grin, Matt manages to say, "Or a sundae. With jimmies!" She reveals herself to be a huge meanie as she responds, "Tempting! But I'm going to stick with the burger and plain root beer." Are we still talking about lunch here, or is the topic something both a little more and a little less alimentary?

Matt turns to Smash to judge his performance. Smash tells him he did okay, "No shame in your game," and then awkwardly segues, "Look on the bright side, at least it's payday." Matt breaks it to him that he probably won't get paid until the end of the month what with payroll and paperwork and all. Smash freaks out; Matt tries to placate him.

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