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At the Taylors', Billy holds dinner conversation court, telling a suspenseful story about a game he played in high school, running the ball to the end zone to the roar of the crowd, only to realize that he was running to the wrong end zone. Tim sips his water with boredom. Julie tries to make eye contact with her peer, but he isn't interested in girls who aren't interested in doing it up against crates of rotten lettuce. Billy takes a sip of wine and says, "Mm, this is nice." The camera swings around, and I think it's pretty clear that there's a bottle of Two Buck Chuck on the table. Billy breaches the main subject, "Coach, you think he's got a shot at college ball?" Taylor says he does if he keeps playing the way he did the other night.

Tami asks if their parents live in Dillon, and Billy exposits that their father is in Corpus Christi working on a driving range. Because they don't have golf in Dillon? Tim interjects, "He's a real hard worker" and Billy retorts, "Yeah, shagging golf balls for a living, it's a...real important work." Tim naively clarifies, "What I meant was, he sends checks." Billy is at his wit's end with this boy and his untucked shirts, "That'd be twice. Two checks in six years." Awkward silence. Coach asks what Billy is up to these days and Billy blabs on about how he's looking into real estate. In the midst of the blabbing, Tim reaches across the table and knocks over a glass. Billy jumps up and hollers "Damn it, Tim!" and then pats his bouffant and adjusts his cat eye glasses. Cool down, there, grandma.

In the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility: Xtreme Zone, Coach Taylor sits in a wheelchair next to Jason in the middle of a big fieldhouse. They shoot the breeze, Coach telling him about having the Riggins boys over for dinner last night. Taylor remarks that their parents did a number on them, but Jason doesn't have any sympathy: "Yeah, well, everyone's got a sad story." Explosions in the Sky starts up on the soundtrack as Jason instructs Coach Taylor to try to get past him in his wheelchair and then skillfully rams his wheelchair into Coach's at every turn. Coach chuckles and keeps trying; Jason starts talking about how nobody thinks he's ready to play this game on Thursday. Coach asks him what he thinks, and Jason goes into some mumbo jumbo about wanting to be able to compete in something again. He second-guesses himself, we get a long shot of the two men in their chairs in the midst of the court. Taylor takes his cue from the crescendo on the soundtrack to get inspirational. He tells Jason that he wasn't ready to be a father sixteen years ago. That you can't prepare for some things. He says "No seventeen-year-old should have to go through what you are going through. You're dealing with it. You're doing what you're supposed to do. You're being a man about it. Go with your heart." Kyle Chandler, you are confusing me. I don't know whether I want to make out with you, or have you take me to the Father-Daughter Dance. This is not okay.

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