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Coach Taylor is meeting with the guy at Shane State that's trying to hire him as head coach for their newly Division I football team. Please note Eric's hair in this scene: totally tamped down interview hair! The Shane State guy thinks that Coach Taylor has an impressive narrative and don't we just all agree, hmmm Emmy people? He hands Eric a folder with their offer in it. Cut over to Buddy Garrity and Principal Levi in Levi's sad public high school office. Buddy is wearing a tremendous fish-print Hawaiian shirt and moaning over a box of oranges. "This is bad" he says, "This is bad." Levi tells "Mr. Garrity" that he doesn't have time for this, but Buddy cuts him off, "It's Buddy, Levi. Buddy." He tells Levi that this box of oranges marks the end of the East Dillon Lions led by Eric Taylor, and that the oranges mean two things: 1) year round sunshine and 2) college funding. Levi oddly puts on his reading glasses to take a closer look at the enormous box of oranges. Like, they aren't clementines, Levi. Buddy tells him that they "have a fight on our hands." Levi, no nonsense as always, asks him, "You got all this from a crate of oranges?"

Billy Riggins meets with his lawyer about Tim coming up for parole. The lawyer informs Billy that he needs to round up some character witnesses, then hands him a parole package to study. Which, oh dear, Billy Riggins studying? I think he needs some of those Principal Levi glasses. Billy feels confident that he can stand up and give a speech on behalf of Tim. The lawyer is like, great, but, uh, also don't forget to get actually articulate people to come say something on behalf of him as well.

Ornette and Vince mess around playing basketball and trash talking each other and the whole thing is really sweet. Ornette's phone rings and he runs to his bag to get it, getting Vince excited when he tells him that its Oklahoma Tech calling. Vince's smile goes wide as he hears his father answer the phone...but the smile barometer responds accordingly to Ornette's increasingly unhappy mien as he continues talking. "Hold on, you joking right? You kidding me? What the hell was the visit for then, huh?" He impotently "slams" his cell phone closed and tells Vince the bad news. They gave an offer to the other kid, the lefty. "I thought you said we had it in the bag, Pop!" Vince cries out as Ornette chucks his phone and storms off.

Credits. The camera drives around town as Slammin' Sammy exposits that there are rumors floating around town that Coach Taylor is considering leaving East Dillon. Tami, in the car, smiles ruefully as she and Gracie pass businesses and homes bearing signs saying "Don't Go!" as they are on their way to the airport to pick Eric up. There's something incredibly verisimilitudinous about how he puts his bag in the backseat and leans over to give Grace a kiss on the head, "Gracie Bell!" he exclaims. Further verisimilitude in the rather bug spattered side windows of the Taylor family car as we peep at them driving along, catching up with one another. Tami asks how the visit was and Coach says he met just about everyone there was to meet and that it is, he supposes, "a pretty solid opportunity."

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