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Billy scrambles to get out the door in his own way -- by taking one last shot of whiskey (while holding his kid in his arms). The camera ranges around and we see the lawyer getting a champers refill from Mindy. Becky comes in the door and we cut over to Tim Riggins, looking at her from the kitchen. Oh, dear god. You know how I feel about this pair. They stare at each other while Billy blabbers in the background. As he heads out the door, he tells Tim that it's good to have him home, throws him some keys and then asks the lawyer Eddie to keep his hands off his wife. Becky, to Tim, quietly, intently, like an emo girl's LiveJournal come to life: "Welcome home."

Over at East Dillon, lots of fanfare as the kids arrive to load up the bus for their away game. And this marks the third episode in a row without a televised football game. I smell playoff football drama, y'all! Coach gets caught by a reporter and he gives good coach interview: "The word that comes to mind is 'pride'" She asks what he wants to say to his fans tonight (his fans?), and he responds by telling her that you look around and see the strength of the community coming out to support these kids even at an away game, that this community is strong wherever the team goes. And he knows that there's been a lot of speculation about what his plans are, "And I can tell you tonight, I plan on coming home to Dillon. And that's where I plan to stay: in Dillon." Everyone cheers, Tami does her quiescent wife smile as she embraces him and whispers "Well, you're full of surprises, aren't you?" and I will not end this recap by pointing out that I find the way this "decision" got made rather irritating, as if Tami Taylor waits around for her husband to make choices so that she can just accept them. I will not end that way! COACH TAYLOR! WHAT A GUY!!! TAMI TAYLOR!!! LADY TIME!!! There, that's better.

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