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Over at the Howard's, Vince and his mom chat when Ornette comes in and claims to have figured it out. He's going to go back to TMU to "generate a little heat, play them against Mississippi Central." Vince interrupts his dad's scrambling to suggest that they get Coach involved again. Vince says he feels like he needs to focus on getting back into a starting position on his high school team, before they run around "generating heat" from college teams. Ornette just smiles and says that the starting position is his, no question, "You a Howard." Vince doesn't have quite the same amount of swagger as his father and he suggests that they just take a step back from all the meetings. "Play it cool." Vince's mom is in the background, listening quietly. Ornette swallows his pride and tells Vince that he's the boss.

Tami is at a faculty meeting at school trying to drum up more support and volunteers for the "Homework Club." Some bitchy teacher other than Laurel giggles and jokes about Epyck being expelled and asking if she gets a "flak jacket" if she volunteers. Tami brushes it off. Levi moves on to the upcoming Athletic Banquet, reminding teachers that attendance is not mandatory, but it does show good support if they attend. Also: free dinner. That whole conversation makes me real sad about high school teachers.

Out on the football field, Buddy continues to buzz in Levi's ear. Now he's suggesting that Levi turn the Athletic Banquet into an "impromptu" honoring of Coach Taylor. Levi deadpans that "impromptu" means "unplanned," but Buddy persists, saying that they need to make a case for keeping Eric there and not off chasing oranges. The kids, for their part, are also all abuzz about the rumor. Tinker asks what everyone thinks about Coach Taylor leaving. Luke, ever the Pollyanna, insists that Coach Taylor isn't going anywhere. When Vince walks onto the field, Hastings mentions that OT didn't offer, but Luke, weirdly, comes to Vince's defense: "At least he had an offer." Though I suppose you could read this as Luke's moroseness, the other side of his Pollyanna-ism. Luke leads the team in warming up, while on the sidelines, Buddy's now onto suggesting to Levi that they erect a STATUE in Eric's honor. Levi guffaws and Buddy revises: "How 'bout a plaque?"

Levi has Tami in his office and informs her that he's sending her to a conference in Lubbock in a few days, where she'll be on a panel about getting kids into college. I have a heart attack about someone telling me I have to be on a panel in two days when I have not prepared anything to say. But then, I am not Tami. Perhaps I should focus more on letting my cowboy boots do the talking. Levi tells her that he thinks this conference will be good for her as well as for East Dillon. Then Tami asks about Epyck and we all sort of fall asleep. Levi helps us out by saying that no, they haven't heard of anything, and also he's got 500 other students to keep track of. He tells her to take a personal day for the conference and she trills, "Oh, Levi, you are TOO much!"

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