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Eric comes into his office where Buddy is lying in wait. Eric doesn't let him get too far into his Orange Investigation, distracting him by asking about Buddy Jr. Which, I've been wondering: I haven't read anything about the actor Jeff Rosick being actually injured, but I've found it slightly weird that Buddy Jr. has been so sidelined. Though I suppose the same thing happened with Hastings Ruckle, who I guess will never actually have a story line (besides those mysterious eyebrows that is). Buddy takes the opportunity of his son's injury to steer the conversation back to Law and Order: Oranges, telling Coach that it's sad that Buddy Jr. won't ever have a chance to play under Taylor. Billy interrupts their frenemous conversation, asking to have a word with Coach. Buddy makes no move to get up, which Coach and Billy roll their eyes at, but fully accept. Billy asks Coach to be a character witness for Tim and he agrees, but more surprisingly, Buddy offers to be a character witness as well. But not for nothing. Buddy's payment for standing up for the "best fullback the state of Texas has ever seen...the boy my girl fell in love with" is Coach Taylor having to sit there and listen to his spiel on loyalty. "Yeah. I believe in loyalty. In sticking with your people through thick and thin." Billy leaves, Coach purses his lips and stares at Buddy, his own sweaty albatross of a friend.

Luke, Hastings and Tinker try to get Jess to tell them what she knows about Coach Taylor leaving East Dillon. She's like, "Uh, my breasts do not receive gossip messages via satellite, guys." Taylor comes out and they start hectoring him a bit, asking if he's leaving. Coach, getting into his truck, tells them he's just planning on going home right now. They go back and forth a little bit as Coach sits in his truck. He tells them that, besides the playoffs, he doesn't really have any other plans.

At home, Tami marvels over a real estate listing included in the Shane State offer package. Basically, it looks like they could live in Blanch Devereaux's house, plus pool. Which is to say, my own personal wet dream. Tami is on my same wavelength, totally excited about this offer now that she sees a bit of what their life would look like there. She asks how long the contract is for and Eric says three years with a two year option. "We could do three years with that pool, couldn't we, Gracie Bell?" Eric sits on the edge of the couch, adding "domestic happiness" to the "pro" list in his mind.

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