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Commercials. Buddy -- now wearing a pineapple-print Hawaiian shirt -- greets Vince with one of those fancy handshakes in the East Dillon parking lot. He tells Vince that all the players are going to say a little something about Coach Taylor at the Athletic Banquet, but Vince says that he doesn't think Coach cares what he has to say. Buddy quietly tells Vince to stop feeling so sorry for himself. He tells him that, even if he didn't start last week, he is one of the leaders of the team, the heart of the team. It's something Vince needs to hear, as frustrating as that sort of teen self-centeredness is.

Luke and Becky frolic in the late afternoon light on the football field. Luke's legs pretty much go on for miles in those Wranglers. She walks the fine, flirty line between girlishly helpless and strong womanhood and he tackles her gently. "Unfair size advantage" she coos....except when they stand up they are actually almost exactly the same size, thanks to fashion and capitalism and the way men are now subject to their own damn gaze, hooray! She asks if Luke is going to "do the whole college football thing" and Luke looks down and earnestly acknowledges "probably not." He realizes that other people are better and nobody wants him. "I want you," Becky says. But seriously, thank god for this show and how it makes its teenagers actually reckon with a world that doesn't just hand shit out to people.

Billy practices his speech on Tim's behalf, but keeps stuttering and messing up and saying things like "He's a true American." Mindy stands and listens to her lovable Nacho Man until he realizes she's listening and snaps at her. She tells him that he sounds real good, but he sits down and tells her that he's supposed to memorize this stuff by tomorrow and we all know that Billy doesn't have much hard drive space left over even if you do erase all the Bob Seger lyrics he's got stored in there. Mindy tells him that he's a good brother, but he just gets up and wanders off to stress some more.

Vince approaches Coach in his office. The kid tells him that he knows why he got benched, but he wants back in and he wants to take them to State. Coach tells him that he heard about Oklahoma Tech and Vince just nods his head, yes. Coach tells him that he'll have to work his way back, the team comes first and they don't play to get Vince offers. And then -- because this is a world of grand gestures that we all aspire to in our own small, sad, gesture-less lives -- Vince takes his red jersey out of his bag, slaps it on Coach's desk and declares, "I'm gonna earn it back."

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