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Luke meets with Tami, telling her that he's just trying to be realistic, that he knows that football is probably not going to be the thing for him after graduation. Tami nods and says that she hears him. She tells him that he's not too late, but asks if he's started at all thinking about college applications and Luke -- and here the grandmother in me wants to exclaim "Precious!" -- says that well, no, he hasn't thought much about it, because he figured that he would just go to whatever college football program recruited him. Which, he now realizes, is nowhere. Tami says okay, well what are your interests, what are you good at? And Luke is like, ".....[crickets]...." because the world outside of crazy NYC/fancy suburbs college-focused parenting is one where parents sort of let their kids go free range, asking only that they don't impregnate anyone (ahem, Luke) and don't focus too much on forcing "interests" onto their kids. And, actually, it's the world I came out of and which I guess I respect more, because all it really takes is not SAT tutoring or crazy strategizing, but just a solid "Be good, get good grades, we love you and support you in whatever weird art thing you're doing these days."

Tami brings Coach some water in bed and talks cute about Gracie and reading books to her for a bit. She sighs and says she has no idea what she's going to say at her conference, then asks him what he thinks about Shane State. He changes the subject, mentioning that Tim Riggins is up for parole and he's serving as a character witness. Tami says "That poor kid" and we leave the Taylors to continue shouldering the weight of the world.

Vince walks in to meet Ornette at a restaurant, clearly thinking that he's meeting his father and mother for dinner. But instead of his mom, Ornette has gathered together some guys from Mississippi Central. Ornette gladhands a bit until Vince asks to talk to him for a second and pulls him aside. Vince is pissed, but Ornette does some quick talking about ticking clocks until Vince clench-shouts at him about how he needs to stay on Coach's good side and can't be taking these quasi-illegal meetings anymore. Ornette tells him that he's only got so many choices and he needs to sit his butt down and lose the attitude. Vince walks out the door. Ornette then lie-shouts, "Okay then, go ahead and work on that paper" and then goes back to the table telling the guys that Vince has a big paper he has to go work on. Now the thing here is: Ornette is kind of right, right? I mean, at least until Coach Taylor actually starts advising Vince, rather than just telling him cryptic things about "knocking on the wrong doors." Vince has a blind sort of trust in Coach, which the show will obviously reward....but as far as how this world of college football recruiting goes, I'm sure that Ornette's approach is the more results-oriented. I would love if there were some way for the show to acknowledge this, rather than just give us the Great Men = Secure Futures narrative that is, well, just not really real.

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