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Luke, Tinker, and Becky and Luke's pig hang out a bit. Luke is giving Tinker a lesson in how to show the pig at whatever weird pig show those Middle America perverts attend. Lots of close-ups of Becky's face telling us viewers that "DING DING DING, HERE IS LUKE'S TALENT AND INTEREST!" In case you didn't get it, Tinker vocalizes it: "Luke, you sure are good at this."

Tami registers for the conference and gets approached by a Nancy Pelosi-ish lady from Graymore (?) College. They've met before and are both going into this next panel. Actually Tami is one of the panelists!

Lawyer goes over how the parole hearing will go. Billy, shocked, asks "Wait, you're not going to be in there?!" The camera pulls back and we see Tim, in a white jumpsuit and seriously disastrous hair (I guess there's also an aesthetic reason most prisons make men keep their hair short) staring out the window with dead eyes. Listening to Billy and the lawyer talk, Tim notes, in a sad monotone, "I don't want Billy to speak." He turns around and addresses them, "He's done enough damage." Billy is hurt, but obviously incapable of registering said hurt, since he'll pretty much be in Tim's debt for the rest of his life. The lawyer reminds Tim that Billy's words are really important, he's the family member he'll live with when he's released. "Besides, how badly can he mess it up?" and Tim replies, "You'd be surprised."

Over at the Admission Directors conference, we listen to one of the panelists drone on about standardized testing and accountability. Now where most of us would just go to that special monkey-picking-bugs-out-of-another-monkey's-fur place in our minds to get through such an experience, Tami Taylor cannot. So she leans forward and interjects that she would love to shift the conversation away from standardized tests and toward the students -- that a focus on testing fails the students. The droning man calls her naive for this stance and she notes that she isn't ignoring the importance of the tests, but just that the students have different needs that aren't being met. The droning man sarcastically asks, "What would you have us do? Meet with every student in the state?!" and Tami is like, "Well, yes! Yes I would!" and the audience goes wild. Well, as wild as audiences go at academic conferences, which means, polite clapping and knowing head-nodding. Special attention should be paid to the Nancy Pelosi lady, who is nodding especially vigorously.

Parole hearing. Billy's hands shake as he holds his notes and stutters about Tim being a good American and how much he's changed. He interrupts himself to clarify that it isn't like Tim isn't a good American anymore, it's just that.....He looks up from his notes and speaks extemporaneously for a moment (let's not ask Billy to define "extemporaneously" any time soon), saying that he has a family who will support him when he gets out. "I've got a son who needs to know who his uncle is." The officers call on Coach Taylor to speak and we all breathe a sigh of relief. A man with a plan! It's Coach Taylor! He stands up and tells them he is a high school football coach and there's no other better position from which to be able to judge a young man's character. Eric tells them that he asked Tim to be an assistant coach because of his character, not his prodigious football skills. Taylor notes that Tim made a mistake, but that mistake is not representative of his character. "He is a good young man. That's how I know him." Tim's face is pained as he listens to Eric talk about him.

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