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The officers begin to wrap up the hearing when Buddy pops up and asks to speak. He's not on the schedule and this is "highly unusual." Tim's face is almost comical here, one part "Oh no" and three parts, "For fuck's sake, Buddy." Buddy convinces the officers to let him speak by reminding one of them that he sold him a car way back when. Buddy just steamrolls over their objections and talks about how long he's known Tim, how many things he's done wrong (uh, okay....?), and how very much he is NOT a bad young man. He dated Buddy's daughter and they took him in like family. "This kid right here has got more heart than almost anyone I know. And I can promise you that when you let him out, he will have a full time job working for me." Tim looks down and smiles a very small smile to himself. Buddy: "It's time for you to let Tim Riggins come home." All the ladies in the house, say "Heeeeyyy!!"

A few minutes later, Coach and Tim sit together with heads bowed talking quietly. Coach mentions "good behavior" and Tim echoes the sentiment in such a way that "good behavior" becomes revealed as the prison of the soul. They pause and then Tim, pain on his face, asks if Coach received his letters. Coach says he did and then apologizes for not coming to visit him more often. Tim: "I'm sorry I let you down," but Coach tells him in no uncertain terms that he did not. An officer comes in, cuffs Tim and leads him out.

At home, Ornette peruses a brochure for Alabama football when Vince comes home. His dad approaches him and asks, with a smile, for him to hear him out. Then launches into how he's got a call in to Alabama and, and, and....Vince snaps, shouting that he's done with college recruiting stuff and he told Coach Taylor the same thing. Ornette tells him to quit focusing so much on Coach Taylor, because "he's got one foot out the door." Vince naively tells his father that Luke asked Coach point blank if he was leaving and he said no. Ornette tries to wake the kid up, saying you think he's going to tell you guys he's leaving? With the playoffs coming up? Ornette tells him that Coach has an offer, he's got it on authority from an assistant coach at LSU who was up for the same job. "Offer's on Taylor." Vince's face gets murky. Not only is he considering the possibility that Coach will leave him, but he's up against the truth that Coach can get offers when he can't. Some seriously Freudian penis envy stuff going on right there. Ornette, sensing Vince's vulnerability, shouts, "I'm your father, I know what's right." But right before he can really go in for the kill, Vince's mother comes out and tells Ornette, "that is enough!" She shouts at him for smothering Vince all week and then yells "He needs a father, O, not an agent!" Ornette, with some difficulty, restrains himself from saying anything else and storms off. Regina comes over and embraces her son, who quietly asks her if she thinks Coach is really leaving. Oh, this kid! With these damn fathers! One distant, the other insistent, neither really giving him what he needs.

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