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Becky asks Billy how the hearing went, probing for details until Billy snaps at her and starts yelling. He doesn't know anything, he said what he had to say and he has no idea what's happening now. Mindy comes out of the bathroom wearing a great dress -- all "business up top, bottomless on the bottom"-- and tells Billy to back off Becky. Billy criticizes what she's wearing, she yells at him, he yells back, she goes over to him, holds his face and tells him that he did the best he could and he calms down. Becky watches them be all weird and adult.

East Dillon Athletics Banquet. Red plaid tablecloths, lots of smiles. Levi introduces the various athletic teams -- who knew there were such things! Girls volleyball! Boys basketball! Cross country! Dude, the cross country kids in high school were intense, am I right? Then he introduces the football team and everyone goes extra wild. Buddy goes over to the Taylors and gives Gracie Bell a little East Dillon T-shirt and then says slowly, "Clear eyes, full hearts.....?" hoping that she'll fill in the blank. But she just sort of furrows her brow and looks adorable until Buddy and Eric both say, in a low tone, "Can't looooose!" Over a ways, Vince and Jess talk. She says she was sorry to hear about Oklahoma Tech, he brushes it aside. She talks some more until he interrupts her to say "Jess, I miss you. I miss you." She scurries off, either unable to deal or getting more and more unable to have a story line in which she is even just tangentially related.

Meanwhile, Luke, Becky and Tinker have more perverted pig talk, which ends with Luke and Becky kissing to mend a potential implication that Luke prefers the pig's company to Becky's.

Buddy takes the podium to honor the football team for making it to the playoffs for the first time in 25 years. He says that none of this could have happened without Coach Taylor. And everyone stands up and cheers as Buddy introduces all the players who want to come up and say something special about Coach. Cut to a variety of boys making jokes ("When I first met Coach I was just a fat kid. I'm still a fat kid, but he made me into a player"), talking sweet (Luke: "Playing for Coach is like a dream." Tinker: "You really have changed my life. I love you for that."), and being just plain descriptive (Hastings: "Coach told me I would like football and he was right.") Vince takes the podium last and keeps it extremely brief, "Coach Taylor, he's the best." Everyone claps, Tami makes appreciative mom faces and Coach stands up to give them all a pantomimed tip of the hat.

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