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Later that night in bed, Eric massages Tami's shoulders as they go over the evening's events. She tells him that the night was such a nice honor. Eric wonders if it was too much on the nose and Tami laughs. She thinks it was obvious what they were doing, but that it was heartfelt and that it probably had the desired effect. "Sure it makes you think twice about leaving Dillon." Eric says that the Shane State offer is mighty tempting. They go back and forth about all the good things: recruitment dollars, oranges, fresh-squeezed orange juice, fresh-squeezed orange juice by the pool. "Oooh, that pool," Tami coos. Eric lowers his head to his wife's shoulder and says "You know what I want more than anything? To bring these kids to State." Tami smiles her "Molder of Men" smile and then gets that ice-cold pragmatism that only wife-moms have: "And once you do that? This offer is something to think about."

Commercials. Luke moves stuff around on the back of his truck when Becky saunters out to him, proud that his mother said hello to her. They sit together on the back of the truck and Becky sighs that it's so pretty here. Luke tells her that he always wanted to get far, far away, but now he's starting to think he should get used to the idea of staying here. Try to imagine it. The camera swings around and shows us the two kids, looking out at a very pretty vista and Becky says she has a good imagination. She says that she's seeing him win the next game, making all these plays, scoring touchdowns, she sees it like a movie. Luke looks at her intently and wonders if she could imagine living on a farm. She says "Sure" but neglects to say that she imagines living on TIM RIGGINS' farm. They kiss.

Coach scrambles to get out the door on his way to the game. He finds Vince on his front lawn. Vince tells him that he knows Coach has an offer at Shane State, but he's asking him not to go. Coach, as usual, doesn't let himself get sentimental in front of his players. "You're supposed to be at the fieldhouse." But the great thing about not being sentimental with kids is that it somehow authorizes them to go that way themselves. Vince tells him that he doesn't know where he would be without Coach, either in jail or in a ditch somewhere. And if Coach lets him come back next season, he's going to be focused, no mistakes, no drama. Coach: "You know you're late, don't you? Get in the damn car." As they hop in, Coach asks Vince if he knows that he's starting tonight. Vince gets his "hooray!" face on and wonders when Coach decided that. Coach tells Vince that his main problem is that he asks too many damn questions. They both smile and laugh as Coach tears out of the driveway.

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