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Ah, August. Ah, Peter Berg. Ah, Opening Montage. In the golden Texas light, Coach Taylor puts on a red cap that reads "East" while on the radio Sammy Meade declares that "this town has been divided." The Eastern Conference Champions croon in the background as we go moving through the town: Julie and Tami playing with baby Grace in the front yard; Matt getting in his car which now sports a "Panther Pizza" delivery triangle on top; Landry going to his mailbox and pulling out a letter that tells him he's be attending East Dillon high this next year.

On the Panther field, Joe McCoy drives his pet football coach Wade around in a dinky little golf cart while an army of boys execute jumping jacks, the super-saturated colors of the green, green field and their blue, blue uniforms screaming "$$$." Cut over to East Dillon, where Coach walks onto a dried-out brown field with rickety bleachers that haven't been painted since 1972. Coach makes his way over to a door nearly overgrown with viney weeds and starts kicking the locked door. A custodian jogs over thinking Coach is a vandal, and they have a stilted Spanglish conversation before he lets Coach into the locker room -- which is full of knocked over lockers, graffiti and, just for good luck, one raccoon. Coach looks back at the custodian with a tight mouth, "You know there's a raccoon in here?"

The music shifts as we cut over to an African-American kid hauling ass around a corner, sirens and cops on foot in pursuit. They cut him off at the end of an alley and wrestle him to the ground. And, you guys, guess who it is? It's Wallace from The Wire! You know, Wallace with the juice boxes? And the extreme tragedy?

In the East locker room, Coach weighs kids in. A bunch of bruisers in boxer shorts, the first guy steps on with a heavy gold chain around his neck; Coach instructs him to take it off. The kid gives Coach lip. I repeat: THE KID GIVES COACH LIP. This will not end well. He declares he wants to play quarterback as the camera ranges back down the line where a kid introduces himself as Kenny to Landry. They knew each other back on JV at Dillon. Kenny declares he's going out for quarterback. Back at the head of the line, we cut from boy to boy declaring that he's going out for quarterback. Coach, looking at his clipboard while a very large kid steps on the scale, wryly notes, "Alright, we've found our quarterback, gentlemen."

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Friday Night Lights




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