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New School Blues

Nick Drake's "Cello Song" cues up as we go visit Tim Riggins in English class. His professor is lecturing on Homer, talking about "the journey" and how everyone has a journey. Tim sort of nods, and then gathers up his books and leaves. I guess this is supposed to be "inspiration" but damn, if you ever find yourself in an English class where a professor utters the words-- "Everyone is on a journey"-- you'd better get the hell out. That kind of "insight" isn't worth your student activity fee. Tim gets in his truck, then takes about $300 worth of brand new books and chucks them out of the window as he drives.

East Dillon practice. Things still aren't looking so good. The assistant coach gets a group of kids in a circle and has to practically teach them what feet are. "This is a huddle, okay? You have to understand what a huddle is." The Bad Gold Chain kid from the weigh-in tells the guy to just "pass the rock, man, this is boring as hell." The assistant coach tells him that he can have the ball when he learns how to run a play and goes back to lecturing. The kid grabs the ball out of the coach's hand, but then when he goes to toss it back playfully, whacks the middle-aged guy right in the nose. The coach doubles over, the kid apologizes pretty sincerely, but the coach runs off the field, grabbing his nose and yelling at Eric that he's done. Coach Taylor in the middle distance stands with his hand on his hip, looking back at the misfits; quick zoom in on him, the visual dictionary definition of "consternation."

Matt's in his studio class getting grilled by an instructor who wants to know whether his focus is in metal works or electronics. An odd question since she's looking at his drawings of nudes (which I can't look too closely at, lest they be from life; the life of Julie, that is.) But Matt just duhs a bit, "Uh, my focus is in art?" Love that boy. She tells him that she wouldn't call this "art." Matt wonders what the hell it is then, and she says "Drawing. Without a point of view." Matt counters by saying that the Art Institute of Chicago thought his work was art, and that's a much better school than Dillon Tech. His instructor wants to know why he's at Dillon Tech, then. Matt is totally in the right here, because, damn, lady. "Electronics?" Is that what they called it in 1984? I think it'd probably be called New Media or something now. And everyone KNOWS that drawing is totally the new conceptual art!

At the Playgirl Ranch, Tim is shoving food in his face while Mindy leans back in her chair, real fake pregnant wondering what his "plan" is. You know, for life? Tim just says "Riggins Riggs" and, while asking Billy to pass the tater tots, declares that he's moving back in with them. Mindy asks to talk to Billy for a second and gets up and leaves the table.

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