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New School Blues

Tami, in one of her perfect Hot for Teacher shift dresses, walks smiling into a community meeting in the Dillon cafeteria. Off to the side, Coach Taylor shoots some shit with his former assistant coaches. He tells his old friends that he's heard that Wade's got himself a golf cart that he uses on the football field; Coach Mac laughs and says that yes, the man does love his ride. The ball moves 15 yards downfield and he drives to the next huddle. Feeling the bonhomie, Coach pleads "Why don't y'all come over? Y'all come over." Mac says he couldn't explain it to his wife, couldn't leave behind the job security and take the pay cut. In the background, Tami takes the podium and starts welcoming everyone to another great year at Dillon High. Before she can get much further, people start shouting her down, wondering why their kids are being forced out of Dillon High. Tami tries to get them to save their questions for the end, but the situation quickly deteriorates; the audience calls East Dillon a hellhole and wonders whether Tami would send her own kid there. Tami says she would, but Julie's been zoned for West Dillon. Julie's in the audience, looking put upon. Tami eventually stops even trying to respond to the audience, who've ratcheted themselves up to "Won't somebody think of the children?!?" levels.

Coach Goes to Sears. Kind of like a moment of Zen. He dumps some big electronic box (perhaps Matt can use it in his "electronics" art?) in front of a salesperson who declares he hasn't seen one of these in a long time. Coach needs it repaired, but the salesperson refuses: "It's garbage now and it was garbage in 1992." But then his expression changes and he declares that he is not about to let the finest high school football coach in the state of Texas walk out that door with a box of garbage! He introduces himself as "Stan Traub," which Coach finds familiar. The guy lists all his Pop Warner coaching stats off, and then reminds Coach that he's faxed his resumé to him five or six times. Coach reluctantly remembers, and continues to try to get help getting his electronics fixed. But Traub won't quit and basically tells Coach that he will come on as an assistant for practically no pay.

Julie and Matt drive up to the McCoy mansion in Matt's Panther Pizza delivery car. Julie wants to go to a party that weekend, but Matt says it's just going to be a "Panther Party." Julie tells Matt that Devin and Landry will be there, that it'll be a "kick back." Matt finally agrees to go, then walks up to the door. J.D. answers and jokes around with Matt that it sucks he didn't go to Chicago this year so J.D. could go after Julie. "HA HA," Matt thinks. When J.D. mentions some missing cinnamon sticks, Matt just ignores him and walks back down the steps. That right there was in a nutshell everything that is wrong with McMansion-type people.

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