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East Dillon Lion practice. Coach yells at Vince for not running the play correctly. In the meantime, Staub repeats everything Coach yells. "You're supposed to be running the four hole!" Coach yells. "THE FOUR HOLE!" Staub echoes. He's like Coach's own personal hype man. Maybe next practice he'll toss some t-shirts out into the audience for Coach. Vince mucks it up again, and tries to talk back to Coach's yelling. But Coach cuts that short and the exchange ends with a "Yes, sir" on Vince's part. They run the play again, and Vince gets it, runs his route, and Coach is pleased. Staub bottom-feeds on the small victory, telling Coach he got "goose bumps" but Coach ignores him, tells Vince that the play was "damn nice" and moves on to the next thing.

Panther Party. Belly flops into the pool! Solo cups of beer! Adolescent animals standing around trying to figure who's the weakest in the pack! High school "fun"! You know, the kind where some girl's going to end up sobbing and cutting herself in the bathroom! Landry and Devin chat, Landry joking about how it's so rough over at East Dillon he keeps a piece on him at all times. Julie walks in and is immediately collared by a drunk J.D. and his pal Luke. They want to know if she's going to come watch them "make history" on Friday. Dudes, take it down a notch. Only person who gets to speak so grandly is Tim "Let's Touch God This Time, Boys" Riggins. Julie tells them she's going to the Lions game on Friday, anyway. J.D. paws at Julie's hair before drunk mumbling about how his dad gave her dad a shot to continue coaching at Dillon. Julie, in the greatest comeback of all time, sort of smirks and says "Yeah? Well, uh, your dad's an ASS." Meanwhile, Matt's arrived the party, just in time to see J.D. "playfully" pick Julie up to throw her in the pool for that remark. Julie screams at him to stop, which brings Matt running to rip Julie out of J.D.'s arms, then tackle the diminutive douche. The fight gets broken up and J.D. rich-boy whines, "Coach should've never taken me out of the game, Saracen! He just felt sorry for you!" Matt, completely out of place once again, stalks off as J.D. shouts -- his voice practically cracking like a pubescent -- "This is MY Dillon now!"

Commercials. Tim helps Billy paint the nursery the color of yellow baby poop. Tim jokes that the color looks like puke, wondering what ever happened to blue or pink. Billy says Mindy doesn't want to know if the baby is a boy or a girl and insists to Tim that the color is "mustard." Tim keeps teasing him, but Billy isn't in the mood. When Tim won't drop it, Billy tackles him and they do some snuffling around on the ground like dumb boys. Tim doesn't know where the violence came from, tells Billy he was just joking. Billy, red-faced, spits out that none of it is a joke, that Tim just threw away his whole life, that Billy busted his ass for eight years to put Tim through college, and Tim couldn't even make it through September. Tim retorts that it was always only Billy and Lyla that wanted him to go to college, he never did himself. Billy tells Tim that he's got a wife now, is about to be a dad: "There's no room for you here." Well that's just shitty. Who left Billy the sole proprietor of the Playgirl Ranch? Tim leaves, saying in a small voice that all he wanted was to come home. Poor, damaged Timmy Riggins.

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