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New School Blues

Tami walks down the hallway with the Assistant Principal. Tami mutters that she doesn't want to do this, the A.P. exposits that they've got nine students in school who've been notified of their transfer to East Dillon but haven't left. They knock on the door of a classroom and call Devin out of class. Julie happens to be there, too, and she watches Devin go with concern.

Landry and Matt throw the ball through a suspended tire in Matt's driveway. Landry says he'll always be a Panther. When Matt points out that the Panthers are "a buncha idiots this year," Landry clarifies that they're a bunch of talented and fast idiots. Matt reasons that if the Lions are bad enough, Landry might actually see some playing time this year; Landry understands he's just been damned by such faint praise. Grandma Saracen comes out onto the stoop and scolds Matt for not throwing the ball, telling him that Coach is going to need him in top form on Friday night. Matt reminds her that he's not on the team and Coach Taylor isn't the coach anymore, but Grandma just chuckles at such absurdity and then asks "Landry, why are you throwing the ball? You look like a girl." Landry jokingly asks if he can throw just once more, but Grandma just turns to go back inside, muttering that he's "just a funny-looking creature, alright." You guys, quick, two choices: you can either be your regular self, or be an actor on a television show, except your role is built around the fact that you are kind of unattractive. Which do you choose? Wouldn't it be weird if you went to work everyday and had people make jokes about how you are kind of unattractive, in an almost medical way? Does this happen in other workplaces? Anyhow, back to Jesse Plemons, who despite the workplace knocks has beautiful comic timing as he waits for Grandma to go back inside the house, pauses and then deadpans, "She seems like she's doing well." Matt throws the ball some and wonders if it's a bad sign that Julie hasn't called him back. Landry notes that Matt did come off like a chump after the fight the other night, which causes Matt to sputter that J.D.'s the one who's a chump. Landry wonders why Matt isn't taking the high road in his typical Matt Saracen way, Matt just mumblecores around some more.

Tim. Bar. Rode hard older woman bartender. Shots for both. We know where that's headed.

East Dillon. Coach has the kids in a huddle, his assistant coach a bit over-the-top with his Eastbound and Downish hero-worship hype-man schtick. In the back of the huddle, Bad Gold Chain Kid mutters that "this dude can really talk, it's like an infomercial or something." Which: heh. He turns to Landry, who's next to him and tells him that he's a funny looking guy, then squirts some water on him to "shine him up." Landry bats him away, having a hard time believing how distractable the kid is. But when Landry kind of taps his arm, the kid sees red and tackles him. Now they> start snuffling around on the ground, the other boys crowd around excitedly and Coach looks on, nothing showing externally, but rage building internally.

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Friday Night Lights




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