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New School Blues

Quick cut to the locker room where the boys are gathered in silence. Coach enters as if shot out of a canon and utters one word through tight lips: "Cowards." But then he starts to loosen up. They look like cowards, they look like dumbasses, you NEVER fight on my field, not in MY colors, you don't! And you know what else? You really want to know? Well, Coach'll tell you! You don't talk back on the field, there's no wearing earrings, there's no damn necklaces! You know what there is? "There's you shuttin' up and there's ME talkin." Holy crap, I can barely wait to use that soliloquy on the first day of school next fall. Coach tells Landry and Bad Gold Chain Kid to make it right; Landry pops right up and says straightforwardly -- like a man-- "I apologize." Bad Gold Chain Kid gets up, gets in Landry's face, and says "Screw you, Rudy." Coach gets about an inch from his face and starts screaming at him: "Get out of here right now, you get out of my house. You get out of here RIGHT NOW" and on and on. He turns to the rest of the kids, completely out of control, shouting that if anyone else doesn't want to be there, he should leave right now. A couple of kids bail, then a couple more. Coach, seemingly wrung out, asks if anyone else wants to leave. One scraggly voice says "No, sir" so Coach asks again, more forcefully, and the boys answered, clearly a bit scared, in unison, "No, sir." Coach steps to Vince and asks if he's good to stay and Vince croaks, "I wanna play, Coach." That scene was intense. There's such a balance between freedom and discipline one has to strike in educating teenagers (when to let them make their mistakes, when to bring the hammer down), and it's so easy to step over a line where you lose their trust. Coach has clearly just toed that line.

Commercials. Someone sings "The Star Spangled Banner" while Tim groggily wakes up in a strange bed next to an unclothed woman. He rolls out of bed, gives us all a glimpse of his black boy shorts, and heads out to find a sassy young woman who will NEVER compare to Tyra (despite her round Tyra face). She stops singing and gives him some business for doing her mom ("Whatever you did to her -- way to go, 33!"). She wonders if her mom realizes she slept with Tim Riggins Tim Riggins, and then declares that she needs a ride to school. Cut outside where Tim fiddles under the hood of the engine while Not-Tyra occasionally tries to start the truck. She babbles on about her singing, and then asks what it's like to be the guy who used to be Tim Riggins. He assures her he still is that guy, though she thinks that probably life is different now that he's not the center of the universe. Meanwhile, about a million other high-schoolers are walking by the truck, suggesting that they are parked about a block from the school. Tim finally asks her if she can, like, walk to school from here, which obviously. She sasses him about how not many guys do repeat performances with her mom, and bids him goodbye.

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Friday Night Lights




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