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Coach goes over his roster and tells Staub that there's only 18 kids left on the team. Staub nervously declares that Coach's outburst was a risky move, maybe not the best idea in the world. Coach asks Staub to learn how to filter his thoughts. Coach doffs his hat and rubs his beleaguered hair; he begins going over what their plan needs to be: "We need to perfect the five and six." Staub, nodding: "perfect the five and six." Coach: "Run the ball down..." Staub: "Run the ball down..." and so on until Coach bangs his arms on the desk and yells at Staub to stop repeating everything he says. Before these two start snuffling around on the ground like a bunch of dumb boys, one of Coach's former assistants from Dillon walks in the door. The soundtrack gives us a little lift as Coach's face brightens and he tells the Dillon guy to take off the blue hat.

Sammy Meade, on the radio, tells us this is a historic day, there's not one but two football games going on in their town. Tami walks into the kitchen, she and Coach do their little domestic dance with coffee, dress zipping, et cetera. They talk about how they'll be at different games tonight and end up doing some a.m. snugglesmooching in the kitchen when Julie walks in and declares "GROSS!" Tami trills "Hi, honey!" Whenever Tami Taylor says those words, I have this involuntary reaction where I have to say them in the same trilling intonation, always to my dog's great pleasure: he rouses from a deep sleep, ears cocked, wishing with all his doggie might that Tami Taylor's come for a visit. So, back to the show. Julie promptly declares that she's going to go to East Dillon this year. Her parents are speechless as she explains that Landry and Devin are there, and all her other friends have graduated (which: Julie, you need a bit more of a social life), and that since they keep saying East Dillon is just as good, this is "the best move" for her. Parents: still speechless. Julie gives them the thumbs-up and walks out. Tami's mouth hangs open, Coach whispers "Say something!' and Tami finally snaps into (lame) action, squawking "No! No!" as she follows Julie outside.

East Dillon Lions locker room. The kids sit around, legs bouncing with nerves. One player sings a hymn about a battlefield. Coach comes in, and the scraggly bunch all take a knee. Coach delivers a bolstering speech, telling them that no matter if they've been on the field before or not, they all need to focus on the fundamentals. But beyond that, Coach wants to remind them, "There's a joy to this game, is there not?" "Yes, sir." He waxes some more on the pride and joy that football provides and the respect that it demands. He asks them to go out there and have fun because "Tomorrow, if you give a hundred percent tonight, people are gonna look at you differently... and I promise, you're going to look and think differently about yourselves." The boys look at him, wanting to believe, but not totally convinced. Coach has a ways to go with them. But he starts here: "Clear eyes, full hearts." Landry is the only one to respond at first, "Can't lose." Coach says it again, "Clear eyes, full hearts" and picks up a few more, then one last time, "Clear eyes, full hearts" and the 18 of them muster as much as they can with such small numbers, "Can't lose!" And they're out, shouting and happy.

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