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Previously: The Panther win against Arnett Mead is in jeopardy due to possible recruiting violations. The Taylor ranch house. Inside, the family watches the nightly news, which is running a story about how...the Panther win against Arnett Mead is in jeopardy due to possible recruiting violations. Julie asks her dad to change the channel. It seems they just keep playing that annoying trailer for Deja Vu over and over again.

Over at the Alamo Freeze, the Nerd Herd (Saracen, Landry, and a new guy named Kaster) discuss how Kaster's playing the bass too loudly in their Christian speed metal band. Speaking of bass lines, the African-American Sonic Forcefield is in full effect at the Alamo Freeze tonight. This is, of course, because Smash is in da house. Smash calls Saracen away from the Nerd Herd only to embarrass the poor boy by presenting him to a girl as "virgin territory" she should get on before it's too late. Gaius Charles has the greatest full-mouthed smile. Saracen protests weakly at Smash calling him a virgin. Over at the counter, the Mouth Breathers complain that Saracen is already starting to become "one of them." Kaster wonders aloud if the football players don't realize they'll all be menial laborers one day.

The African-American Sonic Forcefield is overcome by some Voodoo Magic as the soundtrack goes all eerie and gloomy as Voodoo walks in with what is clearly a hastily-put-together "posse." The Panther guys all stand up and stick their chests out like this is some sort of Discovery Channel special on feral pissing contests. Smash asks why Voodoo is there, and one really cannot fault Voodoo's reasoning: "burger and fries." Yet the boys continue to bob and weave while sticking their chests out at one another, until someone presses the fire-engine-red "Emergency Minority Storyline" button, and Reyes calls out from his booth to simply repeat what Smash already said. Voodoo tells Reyes to "take your wetback ass back across the river" which is really an asinine remark. Reyes gets out of his seat and there's some visual cacophony as it seems a fight's about to break out when Riggs gets in Voodoo's face and tells him that he really doesn't want to "mix it up with us tonight." Voodoo tells his Hastily-Put-Together Posse to "move" as he leaves. Smash is forced to continue his totally under-explained reconciliation with Tim Riggins, as he utters, "My man, Rigg. Making the peace."

Just as Voodoo and his Hastily-Put-Together Posse leave, the nightly news comes on the Alamo Freeze television, and all the kids crowd around to hear the Breaking News that the Sports Judge needs another few days to make a decision on the Voodoo Tatum scandal. Say it with me: déjà vu. All the kids groan in disappointment and return to their booths.

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Friday Night Lights




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