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In beautiful late-afternoon light, next to a lake, Tim decides to remind me of the fragility of spines by hoisting Jason out of his wheelchair rather frighteningly. He groans some more about Jason not being in game shape. Jason teases his friend about how he could carry the team if he can't even carry him, and then suggests that he get rid of the wheelchair and have Tim carry him around all the time. Dude, call up Jeff Zucker, because I think that's just the risk-taking sitcom that could revive NBC's Must-See Thursdays!

At the Alamo Freeze, Julie walks in to pick up a to-go order. Saracen is sitting at the counter. Julie notices that Landry is sitting alone at a table behind him and asks what happened. Saracen tells her it's the whole "Reyes thing." She wonders if that's the thing where the one kid almost killed the other but will get away with it because he plays football. Smart girl. Momma's girl. Saracen guesses that probably puts her on Landry's side. She says it isn't about sides but that he needs to just "man up and talk to him. You two look pretty pathetic without each other." She leaves and Saracen obeys. Good boy!

Saracen sits down and lamely tries to make amends by telling Landry that he's under a lot of pressure and that Landry doesn't appreciate the position he's in. Landry's like, you're QB1, you can say or do what you like. Saracen continues to mumble, recognizing that Reyes is "one crazy son of a bitch, but he's key to our defense." Landry shakes his head in disgust. Meanwhile, Reyes and the Football Thugs have been watching from one of their KingPin Fast Food Booths. They saunter over and wonder if Landry and Saracen are having a lover's spat. Landry gets up to leave. Reyes calls after him, and it proves too much for Landry to take. Landry comes back and gets in Reyes's face and tells him that if he wasn't on the Panthers he'd be in jail. Reyes starts puffing out his chest, all "You talkin' to me?" Landry stands his ground and tells Reyes he's not afraid of him. Reyes's steroidal rage is clearly kicking in, and he's itching to fight, but somehow he gets control, smiles, and tells Landry that he's not worth it just before brushing past him to leave.

Landry has had enough and takes off after Reyes, which causes Saracen and all the other boys to take off after both of them. Landry jumps on Reyes from behind and gets him in a dorky headlock, but before any punches get thrown, Saracen manages to separate them. Lots of yelling and male plumage flaunting and Matt screaming at Reyes to just go home. Landry turns to Matt and says that Kaster was right, that Matt has "become one of them. Congratulations." Holy Linda Cardellini, I love a cool crowd/dork crowd story line.

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