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Commercials. It's dusk out on the lake, Lyla reclining on the recently-snapped spine of her boyfriend while Tim, her lover, looks on. Explosions in the Sky attempts to make us cry.

In the Taylor backyard, two tired parents clink two wine glasses filled with what looks like rosé. Awesome and unafraid of a little Franzia? It just keeps getting better and better with these two. They're having a little Come To Jesus moment, Coach Taylor admitting to his wife how dicey the scene was in that motel room when they convinced Voodoo to come to Dillon. He talks about the seedy motel room, and Buddy making promises, and grimaces in regret. His wife enables him, "But you didn't make promises did you, sugar?" He continues, wondering out loud whether it's possible to do what he does for a living and not sell your soul down the river a little bit. But since we might begin wondering why he does what he does when it's clearly just one headache after another he assures us, "But do you know what I love?" Pause. "Football. I love football. I love those kids." He could also have convinced us by simply mentioning that he got a degree in kinesiology and so this is pretty much all he's qualified to do, but I guess we wouldn't feel quite so inspired then.

The doorbell rings and we cut to Julie opening it to find Matt Saracen. She's clearly kind of excited and nervous. He asks her about dance lessons and she answers too brightly, "Dance! Yeah! It's going really good!" and then rambles on for a bit about it before Saracen asks if her dad is there. Her face falls a bit when she realizes he's there as a football player and not as a cute boy, and she calls her dad to the door. Matt just launches into it and tells Coach Taylor what happened. He apologizes for not saying something sooner and says he "might have been confused between what was right for the team and what was right." Aw, way to sum up a theme for us there, sonny! Matt turns to leave when Coach, who's been silent this whole time, asks him to tell his grandmother that he said hello. Nice, subtle way to let Matt know he's done the right thing.

Cut to Coach Taylor, who's gone over to the Kaster household to make amends. Kaster sits on the couch, still bruised and cut up as Taylor apologizes. Kaster says when he gets back to school, every football player will have a piece of him on a daily basis. Taylor guarantees that won't happen and simply says there is no excuse for what Reyes did to them. Mrs. Kaster looks on in surprise and hesitant expectation.

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Friday Night Lights




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