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Street, Lyla, and Tim sit around a campfire contemplating life. Tim talks about when they used to sneak down to the lake in junior high school, dreaming about playing varsity. Way to bring up dead dreams there, Tim. Jason reminds him that things have changed, and Tim says they can still get their hunting ranch. Street wonders how, without his expected NFL paychecks. Tim deadpans, "That's just it. I think I'm gonna go pro." Pause. They all three bust out laughing at the ridiculous notion. Tim, usually so closed off, is totally putting himself out there here, and it's rather heartbreaking. He naively declares that "that's just the money part anyways. We can figure that out. Best friends, right? Wasn't that always more important than football?" Street laughs, "No!" but then gets serious, "It is now." Tim shows remarkable ability in sustaining his own ironic position as he, in all sincerity, says, "The three of us. We'll rise up. Together. Get through anything. Anything at all." And with this last, he looks so meaningfully at Lyla that anyone with eyes can realize that no matter how hard Minka Kelly tries to get out of her scenes with Taylor Kitsch, this little tête-à-tête isn't over quite yet. The camera pulls back and we see a shot of the three of them, Jason high up in his wheelchair, clutching a can of soda with a straw sticking out of it, between his two gnarled fists. Brutal.

Commercials. Taylor has Reyes in his office. He yells at him for lying and for putting him in the position he did. Reyes begs and pleads, but Coach tells him to pack up his stuff, that he's off the team. Taylor tells him that he believes in him, but that he can't do anything further for him. He suggests that he go to the guidance counselor (Wifey Shout Out!) and work on his anger problems. Reyes gets up and leaves, Taylor leans back, and his mussed hair is like "It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it."

Out on the field, Matt wears the red shirt, while Voodoo is wearing the yellow shirt that marks defense. On one play, Voodoo effortlessly knocks Matt's pass to the side, then runs over to Taylor to complain about Taylor making him play defense: "With all due respect, sir, I got a state ring sitting in my drawer and it isn't for playing defense." Taylor basically tells him to shut up and play. The camera pans in on Voodoo's frustrated face.

In the Taylor Bed of Healthy Marital Relations, Tami snuggles up real close to her husband to tell him that Bobby Reyes came in for counseling. She's real pleased. And just when Coach Taylor is looking to make her even more pleased, there's a knock at the door. Cut outside. Oh, god, talk about a cold shower. It's Jack of All Fats, Buddy Garrity. Eric comes to the door in his boxers with skinny little stick legs. Buddy apologizes for the hour, asks him what the deal with Reyes is, but then launches right in to the big ticket item: "I came because Voodoo is gone. He's gone back to Looziana." He continues, telling Taylor that before he left, Voodoo told a reporter that he only lived in Dillon for two weeks before suiting up and that with this documentation, Buddy's Sports Judge buddy can't help them out anymore. "Arnett Mead? It's a forfeit. It's a loss. Season's over." And then a really suspicious and somewhat sheepish look from Buddy: "Or it could be over!" Couple his odd bearing with the fact that he wouldn't tell Taylor where he was getting this information, and I smell a rat. Whereas usually, where Buddy is concerned, I simply smell a jerk.

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