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Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility is seemingly not quite so depressing after the joy ride. Lyla wheels Jason toward the door where Jason's friendly Gay Physical Therapist awaits them with a fabulous sigh. "I sincerely hope you guys had a good time." Jason says they did. Lyla hands over Jason's belt and G.P.T. pulls Jason's wheelchair up the ramp backwards. As he does, Jason kisses one gimpy hand toward Lyla, and she returns the gesture, "Love you, baby." Jason and G.P.T. disappear into the Depressingly Realistic hallway as G.P.T. tells him that "next time you want to fly over the cuckoo's nest, just tell me." Lyla immediately turns to Tim once the doors close and says "He can never know what happened between us." Everybody's All-Purpose Bad News Boyfriend Ryan Adams is crooning in the background to underline the bad-boy nature of their fling. Tim replies with the most economical charisma (seriously, this boy's grunts are like the equivalent of Kirsten Dunst's dimples), "I know. I get it. I'll miss you Lyla." And when he says the latter, his eyebrows raise up just a little bit and THE HEAVENS THEY OPEN AND ANGELS FLY OUT OF THE BUTTS OF CHERUBS. Tim tells Lyla he'll give her a ride to her car.

Upstairs, Jason wheels himself down a corridor toward his room. He pauses at the window at the end of the hallway which just happens to overlook the side road that Lyla has parked her car on. He sees Tim and Lyla get out of Tim's truck, and walk over toward her. Jason has a sweet smile on his face thinking about all the love he has in his life, for his best friend and his girlfriend. Love, love, love, isn't love grand? Isn't it grand to have a girlfriend and a best friend with so much overflowing love? But then Lyla and Tim hug. For a little too long. Jason furrows. Wait a minute. Where exactly is this overflowing love flowing anyhow? Tim and Lyla sort of take a moment and lean foreheads together. Wait, a goddamned minute here! Leaning foreheads? They've taken this "love" thing a little too far! Jason's face is tight and really tortured. He spins around and wheels himself back down the hallway. Which makes me realize that he wasn't really heading toward his room. That perhaps he knew Lyla parked her car there, and maybe this was something he liked to do, wheel down and watch her get in her car when she left. And now I'm bawling because that is such a sweet little secret pleasure one might take in a place (like depressingly realistic rehab facilities) where pleasures are few and far between, and I almost got out of this episode without crying, and I must raise my fists and shake them at the heavens for Peter Berg! You've gotten me again! (Call me. Let's discuss).

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Friday Night Lights




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