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Landry and Kaster get up to tell Saracen that they're leaving. Saracen's sitting with the Golden Boys and he asks if he can have another minute before catching a ride with them. Kaster, in typical Dungeons and Dragons mumbly navel-gazing fashion, tells Saracen he needs to get over himself and that it's just a stupid football game. The Golden Boys are, like, slackjawed that anyone could say such a horrible thing. They half-rise out of their seats and ask Saracen who this guy is. Kaster hightails out of the Alamo Freeze while Saracen and Landry put out his fire, saying he was just joking.

Cut outside, where the Hot-Headed Latino (refreshing characterization, this is) has snuck out to follow Kaster. He catches up with the kid, who immediately drops the tough-guy act and apologizes multiple times. Reyes won't drop it, though, and he gets closer and closer to Kaster, who continues shrinking from the Hot-Headed Latino, until finally Reyes jumps the kid and 'roid rages all over his face. It's a pretty brutal beat-down; Reyes tosses him across the hood of a truck onto the ground and then starts kicking him in the ribs and punching him in the head, all while sweet little D&D dork begs him to stop. Landry and Saracen finally make their way out of the Alamo Freeze. When they see what's happening they rush over and pull Reyes off Kaster. The whole team somehow appears outside and there's lots of yelling and chaos as Saracen turns Kaster over and begs him to breathe. The kid is pretty effed up. This storyline keenly highlights a tension this show rarely dwells upon: I'm willing to get caught up in the drama and meaningfulness of the whole football saga and suspend my disbelief and root these lunkheaded Kings of the Hallway...but not so much when they're spending their time beating up on hapless pudgy dorks.

Uninspiring Credits. Commercials. The next day at practice, Voodoo complains to Taylor about not getting any snaps. Taylor ignores him and walks away. We cut to a police car slowly pulling up next to the field, and then to Saracen pulling Reyes aside and asking him what happened last night between Reyes and Kaster. Reyes says, "He dissed us," and Saracen responds in disbelief, "You mean that stupid thing he said?" Reyes brushes Saracen off, "It's done, man. Get over it." By now the police officers have made their way on the field. They tell Coach Taylor they have a warrant for Bobby Reyes. "Assault." Taylor's still and impassive reaction is great. Assistant Mack tells Taylor to get Reyes. The kid is called over and the officers put cuffs on him, despite Coach's protestations that they don't need to use cuffs. The whole field, all the football players, cheerleaders have stopped to watch Reyes be carted off.

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