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Tami has Tyra in her guidance office for another round of Count the Ways Women Get Fucked in Small Towns. There's something really resonant in the way Connie Britton's and Adrianne Palicki's highlighted hair and overtanned skin echo one another in this scene. Tami scolds Tyra for flunking algebra. Why are these eighteen-year-old kids STILL taking algebra? That's like eighth-grade curriculum. Tyra tells Tami that she's not coming to school next semester; she's moving to California. Oh, honey. You're probably already too old for all the decent-paying porn gigs. Tami asks Tyra what she's going to do in California with a high-school education. Or, I might add, a junior-high equivalent education. Tyra says she's taking her GED. Tami is getting frustrated and so tries to relate to the rebellious teen. "Tyra, I was just like you. I was the pretty girl in school. I was terrible at math. I got through it." Tyra faces Tami by telling her she has no ambition to be like her; she doesn't want to get stuck here, in a small town, being a coach's wife. Oooh, burn. Tami takes the bait, and just cuts Tyra loose: "If you wanna go off and take the GED then fine." Tyra leaves and Tami takes a moment to lean back and groan in her seat.

Her groaning is interrupted by a woman in her doorway, who introduces herself as "Curt Kaster's mother." Tami puts on her empathetic voice and invites the woman to sit down. Which she doesn't. Mrs. Kaster simply asks her about getting Curt's homework sent to the hospital. Tami assures her that everything is all arranged academically. I love how these two mothers are contrasted, Curt's mom is all uptight bearing and salon-set hair, and Tami is all golden and flowy-haired. Curt's mom curtly (heh) remarks that she raised her boy right, that he doesn't get into fights, but that a few days from now "that Reyes boy will be back on the football team like nothing ever happened. But I don't need to tell you that. You're the coach's wife. You know how all this works." Tami stutters "Well, don't" but Mrs. Kaster turns on a dime and marches out of her office.

In Coach Taylor's office, Taylor interrogates Saracen, Riggs, and Smash about what happened. We don't hear what they say, but we assume they've told Coach Taylor that they don't know nuthin'. Taylor scolds them, telling them that whatever happened, it's as much their fault as anyone's, and then he tells them that as leaders of the team, it's their job to stop things like that before they start. He dismisses them from his office.

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