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So Minka Kelly basically cannot act opposite Taylor Kitsch, is my conclusion, especially because her previous scene with Scott Porter was rather charming. Well, you can't really blame her. If you set me down in front of Taylor Kitsch, I'd probably have to spend all my energy pretending I was talking to Bob Newhart to keep myself from jumping him. Minka Kelly goes on, in her middle-school-production-of-Our Town delivery, telling Tim that Jason is getting back to normal, and that she takes responsibility for what happened, that it was all her fault. Tim tells her she makes it sound like it was the biggest mistake of her life. Minka continues to shake her ponytail this way and that in a naive attempt to mimic Kyle Chandler's hair's masterful emoting. When she does the, "I just..." -- look down, take a deep breath, look up, "...can't live with myself anymore" move, Tim finally gets up and puts an end to the scene, "Bye, Lyla."

Back in the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility, Francine the Depressingly Realistic Deep-Voiced Nurse has apparently just told Jason that he can't have sex. He's not happy. She clarifies, "It's not medically safe to ejaculate," and explains that the risk is that semen could backflow into his bladder and cause a urinary tract infection. So, it takes a spinal injury to even the UTI playing field between men and women? Jason tells the nurse that he likes her but she "sure knows how to break a guy's heart." Aw. I didn't realize that's where the heart resided on the male anatomy.

After school, Coach and Tami walk out to their car. Tami is wearing an adorable sundress and cowboy boots. She asks her husband what's going to happen with Reyes. Taylor jerks, "He just gets a little hot under the collar." Tami is like, wha? "He put him in a hospital bed, bad!" Coach turns to her -- the late afternoon light in this scene is perfect -- and asks if he's talking to his wife or the guidance counselor. Ouch. They launch into their cute talk-over-one-another fighting style, but when Julie walks up they knock it off and all three get into the car. Coach tells his daughter he got her something, "An apple" and Julie responds, "Gee, whiz." Heh. Coach continues, "Apple of your daddy's eye" and the Taylors are one day going to send me straight into diabetic shock.

Tyra walks up to Tim's house to the tune of music that is neither metal nor rap-rock, which is what I would peg Tim as normally listening to. She knocks, Tim opens the door and walks away, leaving it open. Tyra: "Thanks." She busts in and announces that Bart Oliver asked her out. "He's a defensive end." Tim responds, "Yeah, I know who he is." Tyra tells him she just doesn't want anyone else ending up in the hospital like that Kaster kid. Tim tells her not to flatter herself. Tyra responds, "You know, I'm trying to be the mature one here." Pause. "Douche bag." Heh. Awesome. Tim: "That's classy" and then Tyra rolls her eyes dramatically and walks out the door. Now, see, these two? Chemistry together. Taylor Kitsch and Minka Kelly? Stabby eyeballs.

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