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The phone rings, and Tim picks it up. It's Jason calling, "I need you to come down here, Timmy." Tim looks a bit panicked but agrees. Jason holds the phone between his palms, his fingers still all knotted up, and then tosses it to the ground once Tim agrees.

Commercials. Huge SUV drives down the highway. Inside, Buddy drives and tells Coach he's glad he called him in to help. They're going to get Reyes released from jail. How long has he been there? What day is this? It has to be at least the day after he got picked up from practice. Buddy continues, telling Coach that they might have to talk to the Sports Judge again. Taylor is surprised and upset. Apparently, Buddy tells him, when interviewing Voodoo's family, someone mentioned "the academic council" they had with him, a.k.a. the back room motel deal they cut with Voodoo. Coach can't believe that Buddy refers to that slimy exchange as an "academic council." Buddy continues, telling Coach that the rules state that a player must be in residence for thirty days before putting on a uniform, so "the council took place in July." Coach exclaims, "it took place two weeks ago!" and then asks Buddy not to ask him to lie. Buddy tells him to calm down; every school in the region did the same thing they did, and then he switches the focus back to Reyes, "one crisis at a time."

Reyes sits in a cell while Taylor asks him to explain himself. At first, Reyes pretty much explains what happened that night. Voodoo came in, got them riled up, then the news came on and made everybody even more upset, then Kaster came over and talked bad about the team. Taylor doesn't much care about any of this, telling Reyes that no matter what anyone says, it doesn't give Reyes the right to cause physical harm to that person. Reyes realizes that Taylor might not be the sort to look the other way. He pauses, and you can see the gears working, the instinct of self-preservation and, while I think this is sort of a bum, throw-'im- a-bone story line, Walter Perez adds some nice psychological complexity in the way he plays the hesitation that quickly turns to real outrage at the fake story he comes up with.

He pauses to take a deep breath before he launches into it: "Kaster kid called me a wetback." Buddy pounces on this accusation as quick as Limbaugh on a Kerry gaffe: "Well, that's not right. That's racist is what that is." With this encouragement, Reyes continues embellishing until his version is that he walked outside to get Kaster to apologize, which he wouldn't. Reyes has added some sniffling and snuffling to his faux-racism story, looking plaintively at Coach Taylor to tell him he knows he needs to work on controlling his temper, but that Kaster started it. Buddy is, like, panting in delight in the corner, so easy does it look to get Reyes back on the team. Coach Taylor is, as usual, more conflicted: "You're telling me the truth? You look me in the eyes and tell me you are telling me the truth." Reyes does what is asked of him.

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Friday Night Lights




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