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Tim walks slowly down the hallway of the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility and into Jason's room. He pauses at the door; Jason is in bed with his eyes closed. Tim gulps and says, "Six." Is that a nickname? Was that Jason's number? I can't remember. Jason tells him it took him long enough to get there. Tim hoarsely tells him that his truck isn't running and that they're putting in a new "four-barrel carb. Hitched a ride, man. Sorry." Jason is pissed. He tells Riggs that he should know what this is about. Tim almost comically gulps, "I do?" But it turns out that Jason is just pissed that he hasn't been there to see him. "Six weeks, man. Six weeks." He then gives Tim a peek into the messy world of rehabilitation. He tells him he lies there every day while people poke and prod him like he's a piece of meat; stick a catheter in places Tim doesn't want to know about. He tells Tim that his big event each day is "going to the commode. I gotta go the same time every day 'cause I gotta teach my body to crap on command." He tells Tim how Lyla is driving him crazy with her positive motivation schtick (Tim looks particularly pained when he mentions Lyla). He tells Tim that he is dealing with all this by himself. He tells Tim that he has got to sack up and right effing now: "I need you here, Tim. You are my best friend. I expect you here. I expect you here." I think this might be the most eloquent explanation about the requirements of friendship that I have ever seen.

Bobby Reyes stands outside with his family by his side and talks to the local news station. He declares now that not only did Kaster call him a wetback, but that he also called his mother a wetback, too. He says that he's released on bail, but that the Kaster family is pressing charges and he just wanted the town to hear the truth from him. This story arc is sort of killing me. Good on Walter Perez for bringing some complexity to the characterization, but the overall story is so freaking gringo, I can barely stand it.

Cut to the Taylor bedroom where Tami and Eric watch the newscast from bed. Tami says she doesn't believe Reyes's story. Eric, unbelievably especially because Reyes clearly just further embellished the story on the news, assures her that he does. Tami provides evidence that Kaster is a good kid -- he gets straight As, he's involved in student mentoring, his mother is a good woman -- but Taylor says that they're all stupid teenagers that say stupid things. He tells her he looked Reyes in the eye and he believes him. Tami begs her husband to look at this situation from all the angles.

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