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In the hallway, Saracen follows Smash through the hallways in a pack of random football dudes. Smash teases Saracen about who he's going to take to homecoming, and its just a regular dudefest until they pass Landry at his locker, who reaches out and grabs Saracen, asking him to talk for a second. Saracen plays dumb, "What do you want?" and Landry is just like, "Reyes lied." Saracen says they don't know what went down outside. Wishful thinking. Landry reminds him how they know that Kaster has never said a racist thing in his life. Saracen weasels that he can't do anything about it, that it's done. Landry insists that he can do something, he can say something, call a press conference, whatever. Saracen tells him "I'm not Peyton Manning. I can't call a press conference."

Jason works on a weight machine, a physical therapist holding his shoulders back. He's not wearing his neck brace anymore. Tim walks in, and Jason asks the therapist if they can have a few minutes. She shows Tim how to spot Jason so he doesn't fall forward and exposits that he just got his brace off today. Tim takes the nurse's place and congratulates Jason as the camera floats around, showing us the half-full catheter bag poking out of the ankle of Jason's sweatpants. Tim suggests to Jason that they get out of there later. Jason at first is disbelieving, but obviously intrigued by the idea. Tim tells Jason it smells like a hospital in there, and he hates hospitals. Jason asks when they leave; Tim says "tonight," and a profile shot of Jason saying "let's do it" shows us a new Jason, willing to break some rules, be a teenager, not a goody-two-shoes, with his best friend.

Commercials. Taylor and Buddy walk into the Sport Judge's place. Before walking in, Taylor has a minor freak out, begging Buddy to not make him lie. Buddy tells Taylor to get it together, that if he wants to coach big time high school football he has got to get used to bending the rules, that everybody does it. Buddy "But Everybody's Doing It" Garrity, Fellow of the God Damned Year. They walk in and it turns out that the Sports Judge is an old friend of Buddy's from his old football days at UT. They good ol' boy a bit about wives and families keeping them in line and then sit down where Sports Judge is just like, let's cut the bull and put this issue to bed. "I feel read good about this." Close-up of Buddy's snarled lip of fat-man complacency. Meanwhile, Taylor just glances wide-eyed from one good ol' boy to the other.

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Friday Night Lights




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