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In the school hallway, an announcement comes over the loudspeaker system telling everyone that Dillon has been cleared of any suspicious of recruiting violations. The crowded hallway erupts in whoops and hollers. Saracen, who was still trying to talk to Landry, gets swept up by his celebrating teammates. Landry just shuts his locker and walks away from the Mob of Go-Nowhere Dummies in disgust.

Outside the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility, Street instructs Tim to just squeeze behind him and lift. This makes me think a bit too much about his spine snapping. There are a few things I don't like thinking about. I don't like thinking about what is behind outer space, I don't like thinking about chaos theory, and I don't like thinking about the fragility of the human spine. This scene makes me cringe. Jason has a scar on the back of his neck poking above his t-shirt. Tim teases his friend about being heavy as he hoists him into the front seat. Just then, two breasts, oops, I mean "Lyla," walks up, wondering what is going on. Jason tells her: "Field trip." She is not amused. She asks to talk to Tim. Jason tells her to "go easy on him, boss." As Tim puts the wheelchair into the truck bed, all he can tell her is that they're "going on a little ride." She goes back up next to the passenger seat window and crosses her arms in consternation. Street invites her along. She tells him she'll just follow with the police brigade. He asks her to come closer and then pleads with her to just drop the rules for once, that she knows he needs this. Scott Porter bares his little chipmunk teeth and charms her, "Come on...." until she breaks a smile and says they're crazy.

Cut to the truck driving down some country roads, with Beulah playing in the background. Aw. Beulah! How late '90s! They pass the "Welcome to Dillon" sign on their way out of town. Jason, oblivious as well as paralyzed, waxes poetic: "You know how great this is? Me, you, Riggs. Open road, fresh air." Lyla and Tim are like, "Um, you know how awkward this is? You, us, dark sexual secrets?" The camera pulls back to an exterior shot of the truck, letting the truck pass ahead and panning across the back of the truck bed, Jason's wheelchair following them, his own particular albatross.

They stop at a roadside shack and Tim goes in for some drinks. Jason calls after him, "Don't forget the straw!" Alone together, Jason tells Lyla how glad he she came. He pulls her closer and they start smooching. Tim appears outside the window and tells them that he's running low on cash. Lyla snarks, "What a surprise" and then hops out to go in with him. Inside, Lyla tells Tim she doesn't want this to be awkward. He responds by suggesting she stop shoving her tongue down Jason's throat. They go back and forth for a bit before Tim tells her that "It's J's night. Let's just get through this for him." Fair enough.

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Friday Night Lights




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