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Great Expectations
all." Coach gets to the heart of the matter, "Where are you from anyway?" and Hastings tells him, from all over. His family has moved a lot for work. And here's the rub. What's been the problem with why this show hasn't ever had the audience it deserves. People don't know how to access the Texas in them. And let me tell you, if you DON'T have Texas in you (I sure as hell do, NYC-living be damned, I was born in Houston, holla!), well we are sorry for you. Coach informs Hastings, "Well, you live in Texas now. You love football, you just don't know it yet." Damn straight, Coach Taylor!

Breakfast time at the Taylors! Our favorite time of the imaginary day! Tami is shocked, going through the files on her students, all kinds of arrest records, and lack of guidance counseling! Coach tells her to slow down, she's not the big cheese anymore and has to follow the rules. Tami retorts that he isn't following the rules, trying to steal a basketball player. Coach points out that he is doing that, but he's doing it "one step at a time." He yells for Julie the minute she walks into the kitchen. Julie gives her mom the business about taking her shopping for school stuff and bitches about her dad's declaration that he's cooking ribs tonight. She slumps into her kitchen seat. And even though she's been all teenaged privilege and complaint, her dad stops for a minute and looks at her intently. She asks "What?" and he says "I'm gonna miss this." And we see that, if it gets complicated between moms and daughters right before they separate for college, between daughters and dads it gets nostalgic. Both ways are incredibly sweet.

Commercials. Billy introduces himself to the Lions. Once he gets to the Regular Person End of his introduction, Coach claps his hands ready to get practice started. But Billy Riggins is keen on inappropriate/misplaced sincerity, and so he barrels ahead, saying to the kids that he's heard a rumor that they think they're going to get run over by the quarterback of the opposing team, and he wants to share with them an inspiring quote from one of his heroes. And then fumbles to take this little piece of paper out of his pockets. And everyone is like yawning, checking their watches, whistling, et cetera. Billy reads off, "If you can believe it, your mind can achieve it." Billy Riggins, folks. Unable to memorize ten words, but trying his hardest to finally learn how to be an adult.

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