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Great Expectations
Practice starts and Coach pulls Vince and Luke aside. After shooing a nosy Billy away, Coach asks Luke and Vince to convince Hastings to go out for football. He says he doesn't care how they do it, and Luke tells him that he can count on them.

Tami talks a mile a minute to Principal Levi about how she's identified all the most at-risk kids and she's going to start at home and get their parents to come in for a meeting. Levi is like "give it a rest" but Tami won't quit. He tells her that they've got limited resources and she brightly declares that she's his resource! He turns to leave and she calls him back real quick: she needs a phone that works. He looks at her and says, "Resources."

Jess at her dad's restaurant. She exposits to Vince that her dad was supposed to be gone opening one franchise of Ray's B-B-Q, but now he's opening three, which means he'll be gone in Dallas for a while. Jess says it's bad timing, especially with her one brother Andre acting out so much. Vince has about as much interest in that storyline as we do so he thankfully changes it. He tells her about Coach's recruiting plan and asks if she wants to go to a party Luke's having out at the ranch while his parents are away to help them seal the deal with Hastings. Sounds kind of kinky, if you ask me. Jess's aunt pipes up from the background that she'll watch the boys and Jess should go to the party. Jess and Vince smile big smiles, and, man, if these two ever have a baby, that baby's dimples are going to swallow up the world. Jess asks who this kid is that they're recruiting and Vince jokes, "Oh, he's not the punter, so you wouldn't be interested." Poor Landry.

Grandma Saracen's house. I feel so warmly toward this house, even just seeing it from the outside. Landry's inside visiting. She tells him that Matthew calls her every week after Inside Edition. Her nurse is in the background. I feel so lonely and desolate all of a sudden. What does Grandma do all day? Landry has also been struck by the sadness of the world, remarking that it's quiet in there. Grandma says it sure is. Landry tells her that he really misses Matt and she nods and then raises her glass of tea and remarks how nice it is to have company. Landry tells her that he's saying his goodbyes before leaving for college. Grandma rocks in her recliner saying that she knows he's leaving, heading off to Rice University. Landry likes that she remembered and she says "In Dallas" while Landry corrects her, "That's SMU. Rice is in Houston." Grandma rocks and sighs and Landry gets ready to go. He tells her she doesn't have to get up and she says "The hell I don't! Come over here, I'm gonna hug your neck." They hug and Landry's expression is inscrutable. It's so hard to leave these spaces where you've spent so much time. It's so melancholy, and really when you're going through it as a young person you don't fully understand it. Which is why we need art like this show to reflect it back to us.

Landry jokes with the nurse about keeping an eye on Grandma, since she likes to sneak out to go dancing at night. Before he heads out, Grandma calls after him to keep up with his music. She says that she's got his music right there on her "MP player"-- and then (please get your tissues ready) holds up her blood pressure monitor to show him. Landry gently notes, "It's in there, huh?" He heads out the door and the camera pulls back to really go for the kill: panning down to find Grandma Saracen's foot tapping on that floor (now covered in carpet). And I guess I didn't really even see this coming, but I think we just said goodbye to Grandma Saracen, full circle with that tapping foot.

Becky tries to feed her step-sister and Doreen comes in and bitches at her for doing it wrong. Meanwhile, Doreen is smoking a cigarette, which Becky tells her she shouldn't do around the baby. Doreen tells her that she doesn't need her help and Becky stomps out of the room.

Dinner time at the Taylor house! I want to eat all my meals at the Taylor house. Tami hangs up the phone, exasperated, saying that it's like she's asking these parents to come in for a colonoscopy. Coach reminds her that school hasn't even started yet. Tami puts a dish on the table and trills "We've got cobbler!" But Julie says she has to go, she wants to make it to Landry's last concert. Tami says she thought they were having family time, and Julie points out they've been doing that for the past hour and a half. Tami: "Oh, you've been watching the time?" Julie persists, she doesn't want to be late for Landry. Coach can't believe she doesn't have fifteen minutes for cobbler which her mother made. Julie takes a deep breath and wills herself not to escalate. What a grown-up! She says that she really appreciates the dinner and loves them, but she promised Landry. Then she's out the door.

Commercials. Crucifictorius's final concert (tears!). There's at least twenty people in the audience, which obviously confirms all that Landry said the show would be. Cut over to the party at Luke's house. Hope his mom is more lenient on house parties than she is on abortions, because this party looks huge and kind of major. Keg stands, et cetera. Luke tries to recruit Hastings by talking about how much he'll get noticed for playing football. Hastings is like "You guys were 2 and 8 last year." Luke, obviously kind of drunk, changes tacks, "You have to meet Mirabelle!" Vince, off to the side, grimaces. Luke drags Hastings out to look at their prize-winning pig, who has a ring of drunk kids hanging on her fence shouting "Kiss her! Kiss her!" Vince sends Jess in, as it seems unlikely that Hastings will be convinced to take up the pigskin by kissing a, well, pig. Jess doesn't think her "girl charm" will work, but goes over anyway. She pulls him away from Drunk Luke (who I quite like!) and tells it to him straight. Hastings tells her that the guys needing him is making him kind of "sweaty." She's like "sweaty?" and he explains, "Stressed out. I like doing things I want to do. I'm a free spirit." Jess says he may think himself a free spirit, she thinks him a "coward." They've gotten really close and sparks are flying. Vince is looking on, slightly concerned. She turns away from him, leaving him in her wake. Girl Charm ALWAYS works.

Landry and Julie lean on her car outside the Alamo Freeze, drinking some beers. Landry says he's going to really miss The Alamo Freeze, and "all their cool treats and hot eats." He remembers how much he used to go there and annoy Matt while he was working. Julie says she misses Matt, too and then Landry realizes how lame they're being, talking about her boyfrien-- Julie: "Ex-boyfriend"-- on his last night in Dillon, which he always imagined to be epic in some way. Julie grins and asks him, "You want epic" and we cut over to... The Landing Strip!!! Landry's got a lady all up in his lap. He drunkenly stage whispers to Julie, "I think she really likes me!" Julie tells Landry that she's got to go. She reminds Landry to keep money for the cab fare. Landry extricates himself from the boobs and limbs and hugs Julie, drunkenly slurring about how amazing she is and what a bright future she has. She sends him back to "Candy" and he tells her to "stay golden, Julie Taylor." Oh, Julie. You are going to do well in college.

Julie comes home to find her dad still waiting up. His hair is kind of alert but glum. He tells her to come with him out to the garage. She says they don't have to do this, but he says she's crazy if she thinks she's leaving for school without a final championship ping pong game. Julie finds her old Girl Scout badges and they look them over a minute. "So tiny" she says. Coach tells her that he's going to miss getting sick eating all those cookies with her. You guys, it is too cruel. I mean, I know that everyone's relationships with their parents likely improve once they stop living together. But there's something so unique about sharing space like that -- like, you can have a routine of eating too many cookies every once in a while -- that just changes forever once you leave. Coach finds the ping pong paddles and we pull back to watch them play a game in the garage, the door open to the warm August night.

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