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Great Expectations
Commercials. The Lions are loaded up on the bus, waiting to head off to the big pre-season game. The coaches go over Hastings' eligibility, and confirm that as long as he enrolls in school, they're fine. Hastings comes out, trailed by, presumably, the basketball coach who is sternly telling him to drop the pads and walk away from football. Hastings wants to play both (which he should be able to, right?). Coach rightly stays silent during the basketball coach's harangue, which ultimately is no match for the kids on the bus chanting "Hastings! Hastings!" He gets on the bus.

Game night. The Lions are major underdogs, point taken when the Crawford Cowboys throw for two touchdowns almost immediately. The Lions are dropping balls all over the place, missing gorgeous passes from Vince. Finally Vince takes things into his own hands and runs for a touchdown, which gives the Lions a little shot in the arm. In the second quarter, the Lions grab an interception and Luke makes a HUGE block as the quarterback tries to tackle the runner. The Lions run it into the endzone and the Cowboys' quarterback is rolling around on the ground in injured pain. He gets up and heads off the field.

At the snack bar, Jess can't keep control over Andre, who complains about the small sized popcorn Jess gets him, starts shouting at her and flings himself around so that he spills popcorn all over the lady behind him. The lady yells at Jess to control her kid and Jess yells "He's not my kid!" and then goes after Andre, who yells at her "You're not my mom!" Well, then! Seems like everyone's in agreement!

Back on the field. Lions pick up a fumble and run for another touchdown, which puts them only 7 points behind. It's late in the fourth quarter and Vince can't get the ball past the Cowboy defense, which has this one kid who can get major air. On the sidelines, Hastings says he knows that kid and knows he can out jump him. Coach is like, "Uh, well, son, you have never played football before ever, but sure?" Coach rattles a play off and asks if Hastings knows what he's even saying and Hastings says he does. Coach: "Just do your best" and sends him out there.

The announcers have no idea who #88 is, and trip over his name. Hastings looks completely lost out on the field, but takes off running on the snap. Vince is getting pressure and just throws the ball long where it arcs over and into the high jumping Hastings' hands. Time is about out and the Lions are down 1 point, so Taylor calls for them to go for two. The ball is snapped and they do some "fancy schmancy" (the technical term used by the announcers) moves, faking the Cowboys out and sending Luke into the endzone. Lions win!!! The kids celebrate by shouting "East side! East side!"

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Friday Night Lights




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