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Football game, Panthers are ahead by five with seconds to go. Panther defense is on the field, leaving Matt, Smash, Tim, and -- well, come to think of it, those are the only players we know of -- leaving Matt, Smash, and Tim to gnash their teeth in worry from the sidelines. If the defense holds, the Panthers head to the state semifinals. Snap, slow motion, running, slow motion, a Hail Mary pass, a bobble, a dive, aaaand it's incomplete and we can move on to the hair and the sex and the drinking and the fun!

Maybe not so much with the fun quite yet. Pam Garrity is screaming at Buddy, throwing glass at him and telling him that he's ruined their family. A bit of a delayed reaction this Friday night since Tyra's mom outed their affair at church last Sunday, but...I guess Pam does seem a bit slow, all told. The Garrity kids -- Lyla and the unnamed little boy and girl -- crouch on the stairs listening to their parents fight. When Pam really starts throwing things at Buddy, Lyla whisks the kids into a bedroom and tells them that everything is okay, that sometimes adults fight like that. She cringes at the sound of their furious voices while her little siblings cry. She puts a video on the television to drown out their voices, but doesn't succeed in drowning out Pam's demand that Buddy "GET OUT!"

In Austin, Herc rolls out of his room while saying, "Roll out!" If Herc doesn't watch out, Jason will soon begin thinking that redundant narration of one's actions is another side effect of paralysis akin to excessive "wooo!"ing. Jason remembers that he's forgotten his wallet in his room and wheels back in to get it. Herc tells him to leave it, that "if you can't count on a functioning spinal column the one thing you can count on is a drink on the how-wse." Herc's really twanging it up in this scene. Jason's cell rings and he sees that it's Lyla. Herc groans and mutters that she's got a radar for when Jason is about to have a good time. I guess it's been pretty quiet in her control room lately, then, because Jason has been pretty much a wet blanket for a while now. Jason answers the phone and we cut to Lyla in her room, crying, but overhearing all the "wooo!"ing! happening behind Jason. She remarks that it sounds like he's having a good time, and he demurs. He asks if she's okay and she sobs "yeah" and so he's like, okay, then! Call ya later! They hang up and Lyla sits in her room crying.

Uninspiring credits. Now here's some fun! The Playgirl Ranch is throwing a theme party. The theme is: Drunk Idiots. Groups of mucklemouthed teens stand around listening to very bad music, throwing back shots out of Solo cups, and "wooo!"ing in a variety of general directions until Billy gives them one particularly lame direction in which to woo: "Goin' to State! Goin' to State! Goin' to State!" That's the best chant he can come up with? Unidentified Mucklemouth comes up to Tim to tell him some lady is at the door and "she looks pissed."

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