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Smash drives Waverly home and asks her if she's feeling okay. If by "okay" you mean "in the midst of a manic phase," then I'd say all signs point to yes! Waverly tells him that she's "alive" and "feelin' the world." Smash doesn't buy it, so she finally 'fesses up that she had been taking medicine for a mood disorder but she stopped taking them. She says she's better, she's got it under control, and she doesn't need drugs to keep her straight. Which makes me wonder whether she ever knew about Smash and the steroids, and also whether that storyline is over? I don't particularly care -- as long as this show keeps me flush with Matt and Julie and various butt-slicing melodramas, they can flush continuity straight down the drain -- I just want to know if I can check that subplot off the list or what. Like I thought for a while that Voodoo would come back, just because I loved that one fight he and Smash had over who was playing better hip-hop music when in reality they were both playing equally good hip-hop music and if they had just stopped fighting over it then maybe they could have co-existed, except they kept fighting and now look, are there any decent rappers coming out of New York OR L.A. these days? No. It's all coming out of Richmond or Virginia Beach. Which is weird, right? And now Voodoo is gone and we'll never know. If I had been instructed more clearly HOW and WHEN to check him off my list, I wouldn't be going on trying to make demented comparisons between a fight two characters once had and the East Coast/West Coast conflict of the early '90s. Or maybe I would. We do not know.

Smash asks Waverly if her dad knows she stopped taking her medicine. She laughs and reminds Smash that he's seen him "in the pulpit, sweatin', worryin'." Smash chuckles, "He do be sweatin'. He do be sweatin'." She says that it's her body and she can do what she wants with it. She asks Smash how he feels on the field, and he answers that he feels alive. She responds, "ALIVE! That's exactly it." She says she feels better than she's ever felt before and Smash looks like he believes her.

In the hospital, Julie, Matt, and Landry sit around waiting. Landry is sad because he felt like he was really having a breakthrough with Tyra tonight. Matt responds as usual to Landry: "You're retarded." Tami rushes in and cuts Julie's apology off. She instructs Matt to take Julie home and just generally takes charge.

Coach comes home looking for Julie, who isn't there yet. Buddy is reading a magazine in front of the television and doesn't respond when Eric asks him about Julie. He pauses and then asks out of the side of his mouth, "So how's Neal Kenney doing?" Coach asks how he knows he went out with him. Buddy says "Notepad. Little something I learned on Magnum P.I." He rubbed the notepad with pencil to lift off the impression. Heh. Buddy wants to know if Coach is going to take the job, but Coach stonewalls him, just repeating that there is no job offer yet.

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