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In Austin, Jason and Lyla get back to his room. Lyla wanders around the world and asks, "Do you love her? You love her, don't you? Do you love her?" Jason doesn't know what she's talking about and she says "the cute tattoo girl." Lyla is a bit slurry as she says, "No, it's okay, its okay, you love her!" Jason says he's never seen her this wasted. Girl needs to get out more if this is as wasted as she's ever been in eighteen years. Jason tells her she's funny when she's drunk and she slumps onto the bed and says, "It's not funny, Jason, when you drive all the way from Dillon and you find your boyfriend hanging out with people who scare you and getting tattoos from sexy girls. It's not funny! It's not funny, Jason." She starts breaking down and crying and says that he's changing and she's not changing with him and they're never going to last because she's not changing with him. Aw. It is hard to be in love in high school. ["Every time Lyla gets on one of these tears, I start out all 'bitch, YOU CHEATED ON HIM so SHUT UP' but by the end of the scene, she's got me sympathizing with her. EVERY time. Amazing." -- Sars] Jason reaches out to her and apologizes that he wasn't taking her seriously. She says that "it's okay because it's bigger than us," I guess trying to reassure herself that they didn't do anything wrong to make their love fail, but that sets Jason off onto one of his romantic tirades and he says forcefully that nothing is bigger than the love he has in his heart for her. Lather, rinse, repeat. These kids need something new to do.

Tyra's mom, sadly, has had to have had a butt-ectomy. The rest of the season will document her valiant struggle to adjust to life without a butt while Tyra works tirelessly to find a butt donor for her suffering mother. I'm sorry, but is anyone else's immaturity bone just completely tickled by Angela's injury? No? Well how about the reference I just made to your "immaturity bone" being tickled?

So Angela is at home in her bed. Tami brings her some water, for which the worn-out old lady has to thank her effusively. Tami walks out into the living room and looks around at the filth and drunken debris. She takes her coat off and starts to pick up shards of glass. Meanwhile, Ole Sis is passed out jowls-down on the couch. Tyra comes out, thanks Tami, and tells her she's got it from here. Tami says that Tyra needs someone to help her clean up and Tyra snaps, "Well, it's not gonna be you." But she doesn't realize who she is dealing with, and Tami snaps back bigger and better, "Well, yeah, actually I think right now it is gonna be me."

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